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Top Office Equipment Essentials for Your New Business

If you’ve recently managed to start your business, then you deserve a genuine pat on the back! Achieving this first step of many more to come is crucial to your future success as a budding entrepreneur. The next step in expanding your business activity is to recruit more staff as you begin to realise you

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What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Home Office

The addition of a home office to your household is a smart decision for many reasons, whether you’ve recently taken the step to start working from home or you just want a functional space where you can continue to work on tasks and projects outside your workplace. So where to start? You’re likely to face

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Office Furnishings to Optimise your Workplace and Boost Productivity

Nowadays, an office is much more than just four walls within which we’re expected to buckle down and work, 5 days a week. Companies are continuously striving to create an environment where their employees can feel comfortable enough to be able to give their all to their tasks and responsibilities. Office furniture is an essential

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Working from a Virtual Office

In a nutshell, a virtual office gives you all the benefits of a regular workspace without the actual physical space. Sounds confusing? It really isn’t. Consider the major advantages listed below and you’ll soon see why this type of office may work for your business. Your Own Address For some companies, having a fixed office

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What is an Employee’s Idea of “the Best Office in Malta?”

An island steeped in culture, history and breath-taking sea views, if you’re considering relocating your offices to Malta, you’ve picked a good contender. Apart from its strategic Mediterranean location and its attractive tax incentives, Malta has a lot to offer which is probably why it’s seen a massive influx of foreign businesses over the past

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Welcome to the Living Office

The Latest Trend to Sweep Offices Across the Globe The brainchild of Herman Miller, the concept of the living office is characterised by a high-performing workplace that presents employees with quality work experience and helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals. Think of it as an improvement of the standard office space, one that provides

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Going Green in the Office

Using Plants to Boost Moods and Productivity A cheap and cheerful way to enhance your office space is to bring a couple of plants into the fold. Research by leading psychologists has proven that employees work better when offices are equipped with a substantial number of plants since the green touch greatly aids creativity and productivity,

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Should you invest in a water dispenser at your office space?

It’s the smallest investment for the Best Worker you’ve had to date! Did you ever consider investing in a water dispenser at your office space?  We’ve all heard that our bodies are 75 per cent made of water and that we should drink at least two litres per day. But did you know how much

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