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The Creative Workplace Trend and Why You Should Consider It for Your Company

Nowadays, we’ve come to expect a better, more improved version of everything we had accepted without question before. Better phones, better laptops, hell some of us are even on the lookout for better sex. In today’s digital age, when technology has made it possible for most things to be upgraded, people have started to demand the same upgrades in other aspects of life too.

Whereas in times gone by, it was acceptable to set up a room with a couple of desks, computers and swivel chairs and call it an office, the same doesn’t apply today. Businesses are now required to provide workspaces that are inspiring and engaging and actually enhance their staff’s productivity. Since the balance of power has shifted from employer to employee, business owners now face the challenge of doing all they can to recruit and retain the best talent.

In order to this, many organisations choose to relocate their operations to more suitable workspaces that make for an attractive working environment. After all, your employees do spend a large chunk of their lives at work, so why shouldn’t they be able to do it in a space that inspires rather than hinders their creativity?

Benefits of Creative Office Spaces

The advantages of investing in a creative office space for your company are numerous and far outweigh any costs that will inevitably arise. Spaces which inspire and encourage your employees and get their creative juices flowing may cost more than your standard workplace but you can’t really afford to put a price on productivity.

Your staff should be treated like human beings, not robots, programmed to work at maximum production levels for 8 hours straight. This why creative office spaces break away from the rigidity of traditional workplaces and offer a more flexible, and human, approach to work.

What Qualifies for a Creative Office Space?

When searching for new potential commercial property, be on the look-out for buildings with exposed bricks and mechanical equipment, quirky features such as beams and large spaces that allow for both an open plan as well as an aspect of privacy as well. Office furnishings are also important to consider; materials such as wood, and high-quality finishes are always appreciated as well as the use of vivid and stimulating colours as opposed to dull white.

Large kitchens, equipped with all the most cutting-edge appliances are also becoming more popular. Some organisations also choose to hire their own company chef to prepare meals for their employees on a daily or weekly basis. Recreational and leisure spaces have started to feature more prominently; your employees need to let off steam and take breaks in order to give their all to their work. Ping-pong tables, dart boards, colourful bean bags, hammocks and even onsite gyms are all excellent examples of a workspace that caters to creativity.

Outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces are also found more attractive since a change of scenery will also do wonders for your workers’ productivity levels.

Who’s Investing in Creative Office Space?

A lot of companies opting to invest in creative office spaces form part of the tech and IT industries; since quality employees may be harder to pin down in these areas, firms seek to create a more enjoyable working environment to attract the best people on board.

That’s not to say that if your company is not in the industries, you shouldn’t make the effort to forge an inspiring workspace. Many iGaming and communications companies are also joining the bandwagon as they have come to realise the value of creative surroundings and it’s not long before financial and law firms also catch on.

The demand for creative office spaces is on the rise, especially in larger cities and urban core, and it’s expected that this trend will set the pace for the commercial property market’s future over the next few years.

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