Malta Commercial Property Categories

Making Sense of the Designations

The new MEPA commercial property categories in Malta were published on the 28th February 2014.  Here you may find abridged information related to the new categories, and their sub-classes presented in a user-friendly structure.

Information presented for commercial property categories includes the activities and operations that are permitted under the new guidelines for commercial property in Malta as indicated by PA (Planning Authority).

For technical information related to the change of use and application-related costs for commercial property categories, your architect will be able to give you accurate information related to the specific commercial property at hand.  This includes application processing time periods, increase / decrease in costings, and other documentation that may be necessary to complete eligibility for change of use. Note that you may be required to produce a site map for application purposes, as zoning restrictions may apply to certain sub-locations and other regions.

The new MEPA category replaces the old legislation about Property classes. However, you can still find information about the old legislation on the links below:

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