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Gzira Office Space For Rent

An Intro to Gzira Office Space

Gzira Office Space offers companies a highly interesting proposition for running their businesses. In fact, it is one of the most popular and requested localities in all of Malta.

Gzira is a seaside town situated along the north-eastern coast of Malta. It sits between neighbouring towns of Msida, Ta’Xbiex and Sliema. The Maltese term ‘Gzira’ literally translates to the island and the town is aptly named after ‘Manoel Island’ which is accessible from a connecting bridge along the Gzira seafront.

Demand for Gzira office space for rent has spiked over the last decade, and the town has elevated itself considerably from a corporate perspective; attracting scores of international operations which have set up shop in this bustling Maltese town.

Types of Offices in Gzira

Gzira offers a broad selection of offices and commercial property for rent and for sale.  These include the following:

Business Centres

At the top of this market segment, Business Centres in Gzira offer companies the highest level of corporate experience in every sense. These purpose built buildings often offer a variety of services and features that give them the edge when it comes to the various types of offices available. These may include a combination or all of the following:

  • 24/7 manned receptions
  • Underground parking
  • Keycard access
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fresh Air systems
  • Back-up generators
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Insulated building
  • Fibre Optic data connections
  • Raised Flooring
  • Building Management systems.

Traditional Office Space

Gzira offices for rent offer lots of options for companies who may be looking for traditional office space such as parts of a floor in a building, an entire floor or even multiple floors. Growing companies may be lucky enough to find space available in their office building itself – thus saving lots of time and hassle if they need a solution to their lack of space as a results of their growth.

There are many office buildings that are located all over Gzira in the many sub-locations available, and these include, the Strand, Savoy & the Gzira marina areas.

Traditional offices may be priced a bit more attractively than purpose-built business centres and this may be the case because of the less corporate experience that they may provide.

In some office buildings, there may be more than one owner which means that certain decisions may need the go ahead from more than one decision maker. This can easily be avoided when property management companies are involved with maintenance of the space.

Retail Offices

These offices are suitable for companies that may need to expose themselves to walk-in customers and tend to be best suited for client facing operations. Retail offices are typically distinguished from other offices easily since they have their own entrance and are usually better exposed than traditional offices.

Typical uses for retail offices include, insurance companies, real estate companies, client facing finance companies, various professionals such as lawyers, notaries, and accountants, travel operators, and many more.

Retail offices may also be ideal for companies who would like to have their own entrance and not be part of a building, or rather, maybe prefer to not share the common parts with the rest of the building.

Why choose Gzira for your Business Office?

The attractiveness of Gzira offices for rent stems from many factors. For starters, it’s very centrally located to main road network routes which makes access a breeze. Even if the main route happens to be blocked, alternative routes are plentiful, which helps reduce traffic and in turn, commuting time.

Being a seaside location also adds to Gzira’s desirability, and whilst most of the seafront offices are in high demand, it also means that finding a space available may be more challenging than one may hope for.

Gzira is also a popular location for its beautiful views of malta’s capital city, Valletta and the Marsamxett Harbour, its yacht marina which also spreads along to Ta’ Xbiex, Msida and Pieta, seafront and popular public garden. It is also popular being relatively close to the University of Malta, Sliema and Valletta.

Gzira offers companies a substantial stock of commercial property, with lots of business centres and office buildings dotted around the coastline as well as the inner parts of town. The offices also range in quality from some old office buildings that have been very well kept over the years, as well as some high tech business centres that have been built in recent years. These modern office spaces offer everything that any modern company could require.

Apart from tens of thousands of square metres of prime commercial real estate and Office space in Gzira, there is also a large selection of residential properties in Gzira to choose from. Over the years, demand for offices in the area has spurred a demand for residential units in the area, and the market has listened.

Nowadays,, employees of companies who may be renting offices in Gzira have the option of choosing amongst some of the best quality and more luxurious properties on the islands. These properties are making this an even more attractive choice for companies who may be hiring foreign workers who in turn would prefer to occupy residential properties that are close to their workplace

Seafront Office Space at the Gzira Strand

The Gzira seafront, also known as the Gzira Strand is bustling with commercial activity that is generated from various sources, not just the Offices and Office workers. Apart from the numerous locals who own property or rent property in the area, and therefore make use of the commercial outlets for their day to day activities, there are also lots of people who frequent the area for work, leisure and travel.

Indeed, Gzira, is also a tourism hub, with a selection of traditional hotels, small guesthouses and boutique hotels, as well as hundreds of apartments that are also registered for tourism operations. This aspect of the Gzira landscape results in a vibrant town that is constantly changing and feels alive.

As one may expect, seafront office space in Gzira, also referred to as Gzira Strand Offices Space can be amongst the most desirable type of property requested. The business centres in this area of the promenade offers companies gorgeous views of Manoel island, with it’s 18th century fortifications, and greenery from the shrubs that occupy the undeveloped land on the islands.

The Convenience of Gzira Offices

Gzira enjoys an extensive list of commercial properties and offices for rent. With all the commercial property applications that were granted over the last decade, Gzira now boasts one of the most diverse commercial property markets in Malta and offers a range of premium offices, retail outlets, catering, and residential properties available for rent.

Property prices for Gzira office space are also more favourable to Sliema office space and St. Julians office space for rent. This, coupled with the fact that residential properties are also cheaper creates a great setting for companies who set up shop in Gzira. Here, their employees will easily find suitable properties at good value for money. It also means that commuting can be done on foot. Most people who work and live in Gzira walk to work and it can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes to get to and from work.

There are shops on nearly every Gzira street. A report on the MEPA site suggests that there is at least one shop with ‘daily needs’ items in 80% of Gzira streets. How about that for convenience? As far as restaurants, and take away spots, Gzira is one of the best-equipped towns and offers many options from world-wide cuisines in restaurants located along the seafront.

Working in Gzira

Health-conscious individuals looking Gzira office space will be happy to know that it’s conveniently close to the national swimming pool & gym facilities as well as the university track & field. There are also some 5 a-side football pitches in the close vicinity and there is also a long wide promenade available for joggers.

Since Gzira is within walking distance to the Sliema Strand, Gzira office space is also a convenient departure point for those who may visit Valletta regularly. The ferry service operates frequently as is especially popular in the summer months.

Gzira office space is hugely popular with igaming companies, legal firms, accountancy, financial firms, aviation operators, and insurance companies. It offers many benefits at good value for money, and quality commercial properties are not that hard to find. If you’re interested in finding a suitable Gzira office space & commercial property you may contact us on the form below.  We’ll find you the most suited property for your organisation’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gzira Office Space for Rent

Looking for office space during anytime of the year will not be without challenges, however the most important aspect is that the timing of the office search should be mainly in sync with your business goals. Nevertheless, September up until March is a period where lots of companies tend to be looking for space (except the last two weeks of December).  This means that decisions need to happen faster during this period, as office space tends to get leased out quite quickly.

Gzira office space for Rent is top-tier commercial real estate, however it is slightly more attractively priced than neighbouring Sliema.   For seafront property and special developments such as thr Gzira tower, prices will be markedly higher.

The towns of Sliema, Ta’ Xbiex, and Msida,  are all immediately neighbouring Gzira.  In addition, Gzira is also home to Manoel Island and it’s only point of vehicle access.

Gzira Office Space will present companies with an excellent company address that is often associated with market leaders in their respective fields.  Some of the most prominent companies in Malta have rented offices in Gzira

Gzira has blossomed in the last 20 years and currently boasts an impressive range of offices – some of which are the highest grade that the islands have to offer. The business centres in Gzira are well equipped to offer just about anything that modern businesses may require – including backup power, filtered air, optic fibre data connections and more.

This is is popular question asked by companies and individuals who are both local and foreign.  The reality is that buying or renting offices in Gzira may be well suited for your business, or investment intentions, depending on it’s business model and growth plans.  Renting an office space in Gzira will offer your company the flexibility  that companies need in their formative years, and once the lease agreement is up, the company will have the option of exploring other solutions relatively easily.

When it comes to buying Offices in Gzira from an operational perspective one would need to evaluate whether or not the place will be suitable within say, 5 or 10 years time, at which point the property could be resold, or leased out thus generating a passive income apart from the capital growth it would experience. 

Gzira is a hugely popular location for companies who have a higher incidence of foreign nationals as employees.  The popular industries tend to be online gaming companies, tech firms, media and marketing operators, and aviation companies. 

The size of these companies can range from a handful to several hundreds of team members.  Gzira is equipped to cater for all of the largest operators, with several tens of thousands of square metres of premium commercial real estate for rent.

Trust us with your Gzira Office Search

We’ve helped hundreds of companies relocate their offices in the best localities in Malta and Gzira is one of the top spots that we are highly familiar with. Having operated in this market for over 10 years straight gives us a great deal of insights as to the market information, availability and customer requirements.

If your company is looking for a gzira office, we may assist you with your search for office space, regardless of the size of the property that you’re looking for. The offices we have on offer include furnished space, unfurnished spaces, serviced, or traditional offices. We even have a selection of offices on the seafront and others in some cutting edge business centres

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