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Valletta Office Space For Rent

Doing Business from Valletta Offices

Valletta Office Space for those looking to do business from Malta’s historical & fortified city. 

Declared a world heritage site by Unesco in 1980, Valletta offers some of the most sought after properties in Malta, amongst which, one may find Valletta office space, as well as other commercial properties, like catering establishments of various sizes – both cafes, and full on restaurants, as well as offices, serviced offices, retail offices and/or exclusively retail outlets.

Companies looking for Valletta offices for rent have lots of options to choose from.  Valletta has traditionally been associated with legal offices, and shopping outlets, yet over the last couple of decades it has started to attract foreign businesses looking to set-up shop in Malta’s capital city.

The City of Valletta as an Office Location for your company

Nowadays, Valletta has started to attract a broader mix of operations by the likes of fund management companies, organisations involved with international trade, architectural firms, designers, tech companies, EU organisations, NGO’s, and many more. Needless to say, the city is also inundated with scores of legal offices scattered around the numerous prime locations and side streets of the capital city.

Valletta is built upon a peninsula and is neighbouring the towns of Floriana and Marsa. The east flank of Valletta over-looks the Grand Harbour which is also Malta’s main port. Here, cruise liners give thousands of travellers the opportunity to stop in Malta’s capital to get a taste of the characteristic city. The west shore, also known as Marsamxett side, overlooks Manoel Island and Sliema, the latter being one of the most popular among Malta’s towns and villages.

The Valletta Office Space Market

Whilst Valletta office spaces and other types of commercial properties are abundant, there are only a handful of well-priced top-quality examples that may be available at any particular time. There are also many empty offices that are in derelict states or in desperate need of modernisation. As a result, the remaining good quality & ready-to-move-into properties are in high demand. Of course, many properties can be rented out in an unfinished state and modernisation can be taken care of by the tenant, however, this may prove too cumbersome for the majority of organisations looking for a smooth move into a well cared for and presentable office with modern-day comforts.

Features of Offices in Valletta

Although such an exclusive address, there are certain limitations that one should also consider when looking into a Valletta office space rental. Parking, for example, can be a bit challenging, to say the least. Garages are not so common, and the parking facilities are far from optimum for a city that attracts so many visitors, whether for work, shopping or entertainment. Elevators are also lacking in the majority of Valletta office spaces, and whilst modern office blocks have started to upgrade their premises with such comforts, there remain many property blocks where it is physically impossible to have lifts installed because of structural limitations.

Whilst on the subject of limitations, it should also be noted that there are a number of Valletta Office Spaces that makeup part of residential blocks. The likelihood of this is higher than in any other Maltese town/village, as normally in Malta, residential units within residential buildings are not given permits for commercial use. If looking for a commercial unit or Valletta offices for rent, businesses may have to accept all the pros and cons that are associated with sharing a residential block, whether its a screaming toddler from a floor above or the mouth-watering scent of traditional Maltese home cooking from next door.

Valletta Offices – A Convenient productivity Solution

Amongst the benefits of looking for Valletta offices for rent, are the conveniences of having what one may describe as a self sufficient city. Valletta offers everything that one may need for day to day activities. Catering establishments are plentiful, and there are a host of entertainment venues for those looking for an relaxing day or night out. In addition, there are a number of government departments, all reachable on foot.  This, amongst others, is one of the reasons that makes Valletta such an convenient solution for organisations.

What type of client would be best suited for an Office in Valletta

Valletta may prove attractive for companies operating in numerous industries.  It has been always associated with lawyers notaries, and firms that offers corporate services.  

For lawyers, especially the ones involved with litigation at court, Valletta proves to be a highly practical solution that enables such professionals to be within walking distance from the Maltese law courts.  

Other lawyers whose work may be less involved with the courts, like corporate lawyers may not benefit so much from the proximity to the court.  They may  however, prefer to be in Valletta since many of their colleagues and contacts are located in the city anyway, thus making it a more practical solution and one that offers them a chance to mingle with their peers more frequently.

Valletta Office Space is also a highly attractive commercial real estate solution for local and international government organisations and departments, since many of them are already located in the capital.  There are several ministries that are located in Valletta, and in fact the Maltese Government is one of the largest occupiers of commercial real estate in Valletta.

Valletta also presents itself as a highly attractive solution for businesses such as trading companies or finance firms who are looking for a space to work from that offers something different to the run of the mill offices and office buildings  that are available all over the Maltese islands.  In this sense, Valletta presents itself as a unique offering, especially with the highest concentration of office converted palazzos in all of Malta.  

Some of these gorgeous palazzos and heritage buildings have been completely modernised and include amenities such as:

  • Raised Flooring
  • Double Glazed Apertures
  • HVAC Systems
  • Insulation
  • Stand-by Generators
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Fibre-Optic Data cabling
  • Access Control Systems

Find a commercial property in Valletta for your business.

Valletta Commercial Real Estate is high in demand, and for good reason.  Being Malta’s capital, Valletta gathers lots of interest from international companies, and buyers who would naturally drift towards the Capital as being the commercial centre.  Apart from this feature, many are attracted to the buildings as well as the ambient that is a result of the business and commercial activity in this unique location.

We offer our clients a 360 degree commercial real estate solution in Valletta and have assisted numerous clients with sourcing properties for rent, mostly offices, retail outlets, and a mix of both in the form of retail offices.   We have also helped companies buy offices buildings in Valletta that have been modernised & converted and placed on the Valletta office market for rent.

Our close ties with numerous landlords, property owners and investors gives us the edge when dealing with commercial real estate in the city and we’re here to pass on these benefits onto our clients.

If you’re looking for commercial property or Valletta Office Space for your business, get in touch with our team.  We”d love to you be part of your Valletta Office journey.

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