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Setting a Summer Time Work Schedule for Your Company

What’s more, social activities tend to be more frequent and kids are also off school. The sun seems to call out to us and the last thing any of us want to do is work the same long hours we’re used during the colder months. The notion of having a flexible work schedule during these

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Top Office Equipment Essentials for Your New Business

If you’ve recently managed to start your business, then you deserve a genuine pat on the back! Achieving this first step of many more to come is crucial to your future success as a budding entrepreneur. The next step in expanding your business activity is to recruit more staff as you begin to realise you

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The Truth About Working Remotely

Remote working is on the rise and hundreds of companies of all sizes and across all industries have embraced flexible working options in order to provide their employees with a more suitable work style that accommodates the need for a better work-life balance. Moreover, many individuals are catching onto this style of working and realising

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Searching for an Office Hotel in Malta

The administrator of an office hotel typically owns or rents entire office buildings and rents out smaller office spaces to companies who don’t require large areas to conduct their daily business activity. This concept is quite new to Malta, which up until a few years ago was still more focused on traditional office settings. Nevertheless,

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The Best Hacks to Make the Most of Your Small Offices

Having a large amount of office space that gives you and your employees ample space to work comfortably is a luxury that, unfortunately, not all companies can afford. You may be fed up of the cramped feeling that your dingy office space gives off but luckily there are a few tried and tested tweaks to

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Shared Office Space in Malta

Malta has been hailed as a mecca for start-ups and flourishing businesses looking to grow their operations from a central European nation with excellent access to North Africa. Providing companies with a professional business environment in convenient locations, you could do a lot worse than this tiny rock in the midst of the Mediterranean. What’s

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Working from a Virtual Office

In a nutshell, a virtual office gives you all the benefits of a regular workspace without the actual physical space. Sounds confusing? It really isn’t. Consider the major advantages listed below and you’ll soon see why this type of office may work for your business. Your Own Address For some companies, having a fixed office

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Life at the Office – There’s Nothing Quite Like it!

If you work in an office, you may have become immune to the unique culture that may only be found within its walls. If, on the other hand, you’re new to the phenomenon, you may find it somewhat of a culture shock. Take note of the below to better familiarise yourself with all the daily

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Why You Should Set up Your Business in Malta

The EU’s smallest island state has a lot going for it. Call it a diamond in the rough or one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, this island would prove the ideal location for your business, whether you’re thinking about relocating or expanding your offices. With around 300 days of sunshine, many have fallen in love with

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