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Offices of the Future – Human-machine Interaction on the Rise

The advancements in technology are changing the way that work is evolving. From the way we interact with co-workers to tools that are making our tasks both easier and more complex. We’re also slowly but surely approaching an age when Artificial Intelligence is becoming more of a mainstream reality. In the future, work environments will

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The Best Hacks to Make the Most of Your Small Offices

Having a large amount of office space that gives you and your employees ample space to work comfortably is a luxury that, unfortunately, not all companies can afford. You may be fed up of the cramped feeling that your dingy office space gives off but luckily there are a few tried and tested tweaks to

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What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Home Office

The addition of a home office to your household is a smart decision for many reasons, whether you’ve recently taken the step to start working from home or you just want a functional space where you can continue to work on tasks and projects outside your workplace. So where to start? You’re likely to face

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Welcome to the Living Office

The Latest Trend to Sweep Offices Across the Globe The brainchild of Herman Miller, the concept of the living office is characterised by a high-performing workplace that presents employees with quality work experience and helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals. Think of it as an improvement of the standard office space, one that provides

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Going Green in the Office

Using Plants to Boost Moods and Productivity A cheap and cheerful way to enhance your office space is to bring a couple of plants into the fold. Research by leading psychologists has proven that employees work better when offices are equipped with a substantial number of plants since the green touch greatly aids creativity and productivity,

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What Makes a Property

Paul Hyzler is the managing director of two local companies, Nine Yards and MaBu Ltd. The former is a design and project management company that was set off by the latter, which specialises in property niche markets for foreigners looking to apply for citizenship in Malta. He shares some insights on what it’s like to

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Top facts about Open Plan Offices

Top facts about Open Plan Offices Open-plan offices are designed to improve communication and workflow.  If walls are barriers to success, let us tear them down.  Countless businesses love this office layout.  It is also modern and stylish.  Invariably though, open concept forces individuals to operate in an environment that makes weighty assumptions concerning how

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Elements of a Highly Efficient Office Layout

Elements of a Highly Efficient Office Layout Making proactive efforts to achieve a highly efficient office layout is important in ensuring maximum productivity and profit within your office space.  This will typically require you to develop and implement measures that will result in the best office environment possible, depending on the type of work you’re

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