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Residential Property in Malta

Residential Property to complement offices for rent. If you’re looking to for an office for rent in Malta for your company, you may also be interested in options to buy or rent residential property in Malta, you’ll find a myriad of options at your disposal. Due to recent boom in the number of foreign nationals

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How to Set Up Your Business in Malta

Setting up a new company in Malta is relatively easy and hassle-free, thanks to the island’s favourable business legislation and tax system. Nevertheless, there are few things to tick off your checklist before you can start operating your business on the smallest EU nation. Probably the biggest advantage of setting up a business in Malta

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Buying Offices and Commercial Property in Malta

Acquiring property in an unfamiliar location can be a daunting prospect when you’re not accustomed to the local market trends.  The global commercial real estate market has experienced some major changes over the last decade, seeing prices plummeting over several foreign markets. We’re quite proud to declare that this wasn’t the case for the Maltese

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The Property Market in Malta

The little island of Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean and has long been underrated.  In recent years though, it’s successfully put its name on the map as one of the top European destinations for learning English, summer vacations and retirement homes. More recently still, it’s also gained popularity among foreigners looking to

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What Makes a Property

Paul Hyzler is the managing director of two local companies, Nine Yards and MaBu Ltd. The former is a design and project management company that was set off by the latter, which specialises in property niche markets for foreigners looking to apply for citizenship in Malta. He shares some insights on what it’s like to

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The Start-Up Industry in Malta

According to this year’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Report (GSER), published by the San Francisco-based company, Startup Genome, Malta currently displays notable growth potential as a startup ecosystem, particularly for the tech industry. The comprehensive research report published annually reveals and compares the accomplishments of the world’s top 45 business environments which encourage a thriving start-up

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