The Best Hacks to Make the Most of Your Small Offices

Having a large amount of office space that gives you and your employees ample space to work comfortably is a luxury that, unfortunately, not all companies can afford. You may be fed up of the cramped feeling that your dingy office space gives off but luckily there are a few tried and tested tweaks to make the most of the little space you have available in a smarter way that will make your offices seem bigger than they are.

Size Matters

In order to make up for the fact that their office space is small, some firms make the tragic mistake of purchasing bigger furniture to compensate. This actually makes an already small area look even more dwarfed by the oversized furniture as well as super cluttered too.

To make your workspace look roomier, start by buying smaller furniture that fits comfortably within the space that you have. Consider furniture that also serves multiple functions to take up less space or even better, furniture that’s “built-in” to the wall so you can easily close and hide it away when not in use, again gaining more space.

Suitable Colours

Many companies are often oblivious to the fact that choosing the right colour for their offices affects perception, especially with regards to the size. If you already have small offices, bypass darker colours which will make the area look dingy and compressed, even if the colour happens to correlate to your brand or logo. Instead, go for lighter colours, even if just a plain white, to brighten up your workplace and distribute light more evenly throughout the office space to make it appear larger.

Add Shelving

Adding shelving space to your office will help you to store your files more efficiently and take up less floor space, as well as draw the eye away from cluttered desks.

Use Mirrors

It may seem like a strange suggestion for an office, but mirrors help to add a deeper dimension to any room, instantly making any space appear larger, especially when they reflect other walls and give the illusion of additional space,

Clear Up the Clutter

While this is easier said than done, small offices are particularly prone to a build-up of clutter that makes the space look untidy and unprofessional. Consider  storing unessential files in a separate area and keep the items inside your offices to a bare minimum, to keep it airy


If you happen to have a window in your offices, make the most of the natural lighting it provides by positioning furniture in a way that maximises on it. When it comes to artificial lighting, go for soft warm yellows rather than white strip lighting which may give off the feel of an interrogation room. Consider overhead lighting and desk lamps and seek out the advice of an expert to help you pick the right options for your office space.

Having large airy office space is something that all companies aspire to, but if you have to make do with a small office, for the time being, it doesn’t have to be all bad and by incorporating some of the simple tips mentioned above, you can make your small office space work just as well.

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