Livelihood at the Office

Thinking about Going Freelance?

What to Know Before You Make Your MoveIf you’re considering packing up your office job and delving into the lesser-known world of freelancing, chances are you’re experiencing both great excitement and nauseating terror all at once.On the one hand, you’re no longer tied down to a set weekly schedule or to an unpleasant boss; you get to make your own hours and be your own boss…what’s not to like?...

Welcome to the Living Office

The Latest Trend to Sweep Offices Across the GlobeThe brainchild of Herman Miller, the concept of the living office is characterised by a high-performing workplace that presents employees with quality work experience and helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals.Think of it as an improvement of the standard office space, one that provides your staff with all the best tools to be able to do their...

10 simple tips to liven up the workplace

How often do you leave home with the thought of 'Urghh!!!! Another day in the office". Well, it doesn't have to be that way and it's up to YOU to change it. As the infamous saying of Mahatma Gandhi goes 'Be the change you want to see"Here's 10 simple tips to liven up the workplace.The next time you walk into the office, try a few of these:1. SMILE and say good morning to anyone you come across, smiling is...

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