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Office Furnishings to Optimise your Workplace and Boost Productivity

Nowadays, an office is much more than just four walls within which we’re expected to buckle down and work, 5 days a week. Companies are continuously striving to create an environment where their employees can feel comfortable enough to be able to give their all to their tasks and responsibilities.

Office furniture is an essential factor that can easily affect productivity which is why choosing the right kind is so imperative for any organisation. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to purchasing the best office furniture for maximum productivity.

Ergonomic factors

When looking into office furniture such as desks and chairs, the first thing that should come up is whether these are ergonomically functional. Working in an office usually involves long hours sitting behind a desk, and this position can cause unwanted strain on the back, neck and wrists over long periods of time. In order to mitigate these ailments, invest in office chairs that are ergonomically supportive especially in the lower back area, adjustable, and encourage proper posture as opposed to slumping and slouching.

Sitting down all day is also not recommended so ideally, employees should have the option to work standing up for small periods of time too, thanks to adjustable desks, while computer screens should be set at the individual’s eye level to prevent eye strain.

Office Panels

While panels were considered a thing of the past, recalling the retro, cubicle layouts of large offices some twenty years ago, today they seem to be gaining in popularity all over again. An open office layout is great to promote and foster communication amongst your staff but it can also be a source of distraction and has been proven to decrease productivity in some cases.

Particularly if your offices comprise an open plan layout, panel systems can be effective to reduce distractions and help your staff focus more.

Panels don’t have to be bland and boring; nowadays most office furniture retailers offer a range of styles, colours and designs to suit any company culture. Moreover, they can be as simple or extensive as you need them to, from full vertical panels which divide floor space and provide visual and acoustics screening to smaller desk screen partitions which promote privacy and concentration. This versatile nature means that office panels are a must for any open office space.

Storage Facilities

Cluttered workstations bring a negative aura into any office space. In order to avoid your employee’s desks’ piling up with mounds of paperwork and bits and bobs, ensure that you provide them with adequate storage space. This can mean anything from desk drawers to wall shelving, and filing cabinets, depending on the size and nature of your business. Encouraging a tidy workspace not only looks better to visitors but also improves productivity among your team.

Cost Efficiency

Investing in the right office furniture doesn’t have to cost you or your business a bomb. Most retailers offer companies better deals when buying in bulk so you can save money even when purchasing pricier options. Moreover, most decent office furniture should be flexible and promote reusability in the case of a complete redesign or reconstruction of your offices. All it takes is a bit of research and smart planning to make your budget stretch to incorporate efficient office furniture.

Keep in mind that equipping your offices with the right furniture and tools that align with your employees’ needs will help you to create a thriving workplace that’s mutually beneficial to both your staff and your business.

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