Ensure Your Employees Look Forward to Coming to Work Instead of Dreading It  Maybe you’re selling household furniture from a showroom or you could be trading stocks on Wall Street; no matter what the nature of your business, there’s one variable that shouldn’t be compromised across all and any sectors; your staff. Most company owners […]

Remote working is on the rise and hundreds of companies of all sizes and across all industries have embraced flexible working options in order to provide their employees with a more suitable work style that accommodates the need for a better work-life balance. Moreover, many individuals are catching onto this style of working and realising […]

How to Develop Sound Business Ethics Since the inception of the concept of business, the term has always been wrought with corruption, fraud and questionable moral standings. Only in the last 2 decades, however, did this become a serious issue for anyone doing business in this way. This is because the dawn of the internet […]

Having a cohesive and united task-force is an essential part of any organisation’s success. Team building involves getting your staff to work together in more informal settings that will help their collaboration while in the office. Regardless of the nature of your organisation, as well as the individual roles that it comprises, your employees will […]

Make the Most of Your Space to Boost Productivity The ancient Chinese art dates back almost 2000 years although it only soared to popularity in the Western world in the 80s. Translated literally as “wind-water”, feng shui is actually about the sense of well-being people derive from a place. Feng shui can be either positive […]