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Should you invest in a water dispenser at your office space?

It’s the smallest investment for the Best Worker you’ve had to date!

Did you ever consider investing in a water dispenser at your office space?  We’ve all heard that our bodies are 75 per cent made of water and that we should drink at least two litres per day. But did you know how much a healthy intake of water actually affects your everyday energy levels, immune system, mental processing and overall mood?

Sitting at a desk for eight to ten hours a day may bring about many health issues, such as water retention, reduction of blood flow, joint pain and fatigue, not to mention mental strains such as stress, short-term memory problems and concentration disorders that come about when we are poorly hydrated. Additionally, sitting under a blasting heating or cooling system can easily lead to immediate dehydration affecting your organs, skin and overall body functioning. No wonder most of us generally feeling sluggish by 3 pm!

Drinking two litres of water not only substantially reduces the risk all of these potential ailments, but will also leave you feeling great throughout your workday.

When we’re properly hydrated, water moves from our cells into the bloodstream in order to maintain the appropriate amount of blood in our blood vessels, keeping our blood pressure in order. When we are dehydrated, blood volume and blood pressure may drop resulting in oxygen content of the blood to drop as well. Without proper oxygen, our muscle and nerve functions slow down and we become easily lethargic and lack concentration. This drop-in oxygen levels can also cause us to feel lightheaded, faint or become dizzy.

Whilst some might argue that “They just don’t feel thirsty in the office and that one cup is enough to last them a whole day” Here’s an interesting fact for you:

If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. For when a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off

So what are the benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout our workday?

Let’s take a look at what a small investment like a water dispenser at your office space can have on your workers.

1. Increases productivity

Since your brain is mostly water, drinking helps you think, concentrate better and be more alert. It boosts energy levels, keeps the blood flowing and ultimately relieves fatigue.

2. Less sick leave

As we mentioned before, water is the key to maintaining a healthy immune system, preventing us from a long list of potential diseases and ailments. Drinking plenty of water also helps fight against flu, headaches, migraines, joint pains and even certain types of cancer and other ailments like heart attacks.

3. Puts you in a good mood

When the body is functioning at its best, and your mind fully oxygenated, you will feel energetic and happy!

4. Saves you money

Urging to buy afternoon snacks or soft drinks from the vending machine becomes less frequent since drinking water makes you feel fuller. It’s been said, that if you are craving a late afternoon snack, you’re probably thirsty, not hungry.

From an employers perspective, it is cheaper to run a water dispenser at your office space that will allow employees hot and cold water when they want it than it is to power a drink vending machine.

5. Leaves you looking better than ever

Water not only makes you feel less hungry but also reduces water retention by breaking down fatty tissues that form from sitting all day, flushing out toxins through urination, raises your metabolism, helping you digest your food, prevents constipation, and above all has ZERO calories! It also hydrates your skin leaving it looking fresh, radiant, and young.

In a nutshell, Water is your Best Worker!

Now that we’ve convinced you on the importance of having water available for your staff and you’ve chosen the style of the dispenser to fit into your office design, there’s just one more thing left to consider. What type of water to go for?

The varieties of drinking water available run a wide range. On one end, purified water contains essentially nothing but H2O. Minerals and dissolved solids should all have been removed through the distillation process. When choosing your water brand make sure it does not contain high traces of fluoride or too many additives. Most bottled waters contain fluoride at levels that are less than optimal for good oral health.

Some Tips
  • Look for water in high-grade containers (glass or PET plastic).
  • Always keep bottled water out of bright light and away from sources of heat.
  • Don’t store water for long periods (greater than 1 year). Most bottled waters have no expiration date, and while it is unlikely that substantial amounts of microbial growth would occur, it makes no sense to purchase bottled water for its purity and to leave it in storage for longer than one year.

Fill up a jug, place it on your desk and try to finish it by home time, its amazing what a great overall feeling to your days it will bring!

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