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Selling Offices and Commercial Real Estate In Malta

If you’re thinking of Selling Offices and Commercial Real Estate In Malta, the process can be slightly more complicated than when buying or renting property. When it comes to selling, many vendors find themselves having some challenges due to market fluctuations which they may not be aware of. Unless you have a buyer lined up,

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Property

If you’re having a hard time trying to sell your house or commercial space, you could be repeatedly asking yourself what you’ve been doing wrong. This issue has come up with various sellers who have contacted us in desperation after having their property up for sale for ages, with no success. To avoid making the

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Corporate Real Estate

Companies looking to invest in real estate whether to expand their business operations to different branches or set up shop in an entirely different location now have a plethora of options at their disposal in today’s booming worldwide property market. Corporate real estate is an umbrella term which has come to refer to everything from

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Investing in Property in Malta

Malta is a stunning island in the heart of the Mediterranean that boasts a great climate both in terms of weather conditions as well as financially. Over the past decade, this EU state has undergone a major transformation, and after surviving the economic crisis with minimal damage, it’s been thriving ever since. The property market

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Letting Offices and Commercial Real Estate in Malta

The Maltese property market is thriving like never before, making it the perfect time to invest in commercial real estate on the island. Following the construction boom in recent years which was a result of a stronger local economy and infrastructure, there is now a myriad of options available to host your business activity in

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Buying Offices and Commercial Property in Malta

Acquiring property in an unfamiliar location can be a daunting prospect when you’re not accustomed to the local market trends.  The global commercial real estate market has experienced some major changes over the last decade, seeing prices plummeting over several foreign markets. We’re quite proud to declare that this wasn’t the case for the Maltese

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The Property Market in Malta

The little island of Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean and has long been underrated.  In recent years though, it’s successfully put its name on the map as one of the top European destinations for learning English, summer vacations and retirement homes. More recently still, it’s also gained popularity among foreigners looking to

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