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How to Land a Job in Malta’s iGaming industry

Both locals and foreigners alike have become privy to the fact that the iGaming industry has taken off in Malta and the island has now established itself as a veritable hub for the online casino and sports betting markets. As a result of this flourishing new industry has given rise to a myriad of new jobs and many are looking for ways to secure themselves a role, not least because of the favourable working conditions and high wages on offer.

If you’re one of the many looking to land yourself one a coveted job in an iGaming company based in Malta, it’s not as hard as you think. Check out our handy tips and you’ll be in on the action in no time.

Do Your Research on iGaming

When applying for jobs within any industry, it’s essential to at least do some basic research about the industry in question, especially if it’s something completely new to you. This knowledge will help you compose a well-thought-out cover letter that indicates to your potential future employer how you could put your skills and experience to good use for their type of business, even if you’ve never worked in the industry previously.

As a basic intro, iGaming is concerned with any form of online gambling, carried out through websites rather than in physical buildings. It involves everything from slot machines and table games like poker or blackjack to sports and financial betting too.

 Prepare for Your Interview

If you manage to land an interview with an iGaming firm, you should definitely count your blessings as these can be hard to come by! Evidently, the management must have spotted something that caught their eye in your covering letter and resumes’ so kudos!

To get past this next step, ensure to spend some time prepping for your interview so you won’t end up tongue-tied when it actually comes around. Do this by anticipating common questions and answers usually asked which cannot already be found in your CV. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, how you would react in a difficult work situation and other similar aspects.

iGaming employers like candidates who come well-prepared and are well-spoken so be sure to be ready and confident to rock their socks off.

 Knowing More than One Language Helps

It’s not a complete myth that people who are fluent in Scandinavian languages such as Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish are more likely to land a job in the iGaming industry.

With many companies originally set up in these countries, the Scandinavian market has a strong iGaming presence.

If you don’t happen to know any of these languages, don’t give up just yet. Knowing other useful languages such as French, Spanish, German and English will also get you far, provided you also have the required skills to back you up.

Moreover, certain positions only require a sound level of English to get by, such as IT or tech roles.

 It’s Not all about IT

While IT-based roles are quite common in the iGaming, the industry is so huge that it comprises many other roles, within HR, communications, content writing, finance, operations and marketing.

There’s bound to be a role that you’d be perfect for so start searching and be sure to identify your skills and how they can be transferred to the industry.

 Start with an Internship

It doesn’t matter how old you are; breaking into a new industry is no easy feat so if you’re serious about getting into iGaming, take some time to look for those organisations who offer internship programmes that will provide you with the training needed to grow your career.

Get Networking

Networking is a great way to join the fray. In Malta, iGaming events are held quite often so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out the details and get yourself to attend a few of them. It also helps to ask a friend who already works in the industry to help you out with this or check out some Facebook groups.

iGaming has become one of Malta’s most thriving industries over the past ten years, attracting many foreigners looking to work and settle on the island. If you want to land yourself a role with an iGaming company, just put our tips to test and you should be on your way to your office soon enough!

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