Creating an Employee-Centric Workplace to Put an All-Star Team behind Your Organisation

According to good old Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, after our basic needs for sustenance and safety have been fulfilled, human beings crave to be valued and respected by those around them in order to lead a truly fulfilling life.

Considering the amount of time your employees give to their jobs, whether in an actual office or even remotely, it becomes essential that your company provides them with an environment where they feel like they matter and their opinions count to those in charge.

If you’re concerned that your business isn’t as employee-focused as you’d like it to be, consider 3 important aspects that will indicate where and how you could improve to create a truly positive experience for all your employees.

What Does a Typical First Week of Work Look Like at Your Company Involve?

Your company’s onboarding process is crucial to any new employee’s future success. Whether you’re hiring a new intern or a top-level manager, starting at a new company is a stressful event for most people. Getting off to the right start is essential but this can be difficult, especially when your employer hasn’t put some time aside to show you the ropes.

Instead of waiting for your new employee’s first day, you should essentially think ahead of the game and kick start the process as soon as the contract is signed. After your offer has been accepted and all congratulations in order, get your HR department to begin sending your new hire all required documentation relating to company policies and the like so they can already get a basic idea of what to expect. They should also be allowed to set up their company email account and other online resources they will need to have regular access to.

It also wouldn’t hurt to get their soon-to-be team leader to get in touch and let them know what kind of responsibilities they will be entrusted with. Once the first day rolls around, ensure they’re taken under the wing of a fellow team member and shown around the office as well as introduced to the rest of the staff.

Getting your employee onboarding process started early on will help new employees to settle into their new roles much quicker.

Do Employees Get a Say in Your Company’s Operations?

An employee-centric workplace should ensure that your staff’s feedback is regularly taken stock of since they are greatly affected by any changes that may occur within the company.

Ensure to create a working environment that encourages open communication about opportunities for improvements or proposals that will further the company’s mission. While management can guide initiatives, they should let employees take the wheel, where possible.

While not all employee ideas and suggestions will be able to become a reality, it’s important to show your staff that their opinions are valued and the good ones should be implemented sooner rather than later. This is a sure-fire way to both engage and retain your employees.

Is Your Office Culture Honest and Transparent?

In all human relationships, a lack of honesty and open communication is more often than not, a recipe for disaster. This is no different within companies; lower-level employees may sometimes feel cut off from important internal decisions which upper management chooses not to discuss with them. Fast feedback software provider TINYpulse produced results from employee engagement surveys which prove that there’s actually a strong link between employee satisfaction and transparent practices within a company.

Don’t be afraid to share things with your employees, even if it’s not always positive news. If you’re not honest about major changes that will affect the future of the company, rumours will start to fly and we all know how that ends up.

Fostering an honest organisational culture at every level of your company is a trademark of any employee-centric workplace since it gives way to mutual respect and trust. Showing your staff that the company is not just a profit-making machine but actually holds their best interests at heart will help them to feel more devoted to your company’s ultimate success.

Respect is a two-way road; never underestimate the value of an employee – no matter what level they stand at. Your staff is the backbone of your company – always remember that.

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