Tips for Sponsoring Office Team Building Programs

Office-Team-BuildingCompanies who are well invested in their employees normally offer a wide diversity of programs to ensure that they are successful.  Even though most of these company’s investments may be available in the form of individual development, they may also branch out to developing their staff into well rounded teams that contribute substantially to their organisations and the company as a whole.  One of the more popular and successful of many of their team efforts involve Office team building.  For those who are in the position of developing whole groups and ensuring that they receive the resources needed to be successful, here are some tips that they should consider when they are implementing team building initiatives.

Tip #1 – Devise Organizational and Company Visions

In order for a team to run smoothly, it is important for employees in these types of business settings to work toward a common vision.  Without people having a clear vision of where the organization and the company is going, office team building exercises will not produce the success that they will need to go forward effectively.  Therefore, when the sponsors of the team building initiatives are implementing their programs, they should make sure that the company’s vision is always clearly defined and communicated to those who are participating.

Tip #2 – Communicate Common Goals

Once the vision has been defined, one of the next important steps in creating the ideal office team building program is to ensure organisational programs and project goals are documented and communicated to the entire team.  By providing specific goals that must be met, each team member will have a better understanding of their overall role.  It as also important to note that each member of the team and their management will have a joint stake in making sure all of the goals are met for the year.

Office-Team-Building-MaltaOfficesTip # 3 – Make Team Building Exercises Engaging

One of the objectives of sponsoring office team building exercises is to make sure that everyone is involved.  In order to accomplish these goals, the exercises that the program includes must be well thought out in advance.  Keeping everyone engaged is normally a challenge within itself, especially, when people are normally concerned about what they left undone at the office before they left.  Therefore, the exercises that the office team leaders use will need to be both fun and challenging for everyone that is responsible for participating.

In cases where the company has the funds to pay for additional outside help, they may choose to bring in an external facilitator that knows what type of office team building activities works best in specific settings.  From including exciting and exhilarating challenges between office team members to win various kinds of awards to pushing each individual to reach their highest potential in a team setting, there are a lot of things that can be done to make sure these efforts are completely effective and successful.

Tip #4 – Always Choose an Offsite Location

Another important factor in making sure office team building initiatives are effective is to choose the right location for these activities.  Even though some of the management staff may be tempted to schedule their activities onsite, this is one of the main problems that can compromise these efforts.  Per the recommendations of trained facilitators, these office team building sessions should be held offsite in a location that the group will be comfortable in.  By taking these activities offsite, the activities will not be disrupted by people returning to their offices to answer emails, responding to voice mails or take care of other urgent day to day matters that should be left to someone else or completed when they return to the office.  Regardless to the situation, these should be pre-planned office team building sessions that should be communicated well in advance so that the appropriate coverage can be made in their absence.  For instance, some team building activities may be held in an outdoor environment instead of a physical indoor office location.

Tip # 5 – Create an Environment that Facilitates Open Communication

Malta-Office-Team-BuildingWhen the office team building exercises begin, facilitators should create an environment that fosters open communication. Which means, individual team members should feel comfortable in expressing their needs and personal interest. For instance, the facilitator may want to focus on each employee’s opinion about producing a more productive environment. Which means, the suggestions that these team members express should not be taken lightly, but given a lot of weight by writing them down and presenting them to management in a formal fashion. Thereby, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard when they are trying to make their workplace better.

Once documented, the management team is responsible for reviewing the teams input and responding to these suggestions actively.  This is normally accomplished by management implementing the changes that can produce efficient and effective workplace procedures that result in higher productivity.

Tip # 7 – Maintain Team Building on a Regular Basis

Because management is an essential part of the success of an office team building program, it is highly recommended that these initiatives are maintained throughout the year.  Keeping up the momentum that is gained in these environments will often generate the high morale that employees and management need to be successful.  Therefore, once these teams return to the office, it is important to keep these things going.  For instance, regular meetings can be set to re-visit the progress of high priority projects that will increase productivity across the board.  Also, management and individuals who take lead roles can talk to the group to see when there is additional input and suggestions that can assist with reaching the organisation’s goals.

There are many different ways to invest into an employees’ future.  One in which involves implementing initiatives that foster productive team efforts in their workplace.  This is one of the main reasons why many of the most successful companies will invest in team building programs on a continuous basis.  For these office team building programs to be successful, however, it is important for the sponsors to implement programs that will define the company’s vision, communicate common goals, make office team building exercises engaging, create an environment of open communication, and maintain team building on a regular basis.

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