Sliema Business Centre

Business Centres in a Busy Seaside Town

Sliema Business Centre can offer a complete office solution when relocating your business address in Malta.  Sliema is a trendy seaside town in the North-Eastern part of Malta.  It is mostly known as one of Malta’s most visited retail centres, especially for clothing and jewellery items, and most of the top clothing brands are present.  Sliema is also a distinguished choice for those looking to relocate their offices in an acclaimed and well-serviced town as it has a very generous offering of tourism, catering, entertainment, retail, health & fitness, financial, and technology services giving it’s residents and daily commuters a complete package to enjoy.

Sliema Business Centres for International Operators

Business Centres in Sliema are preferred by operators in the travel, igaming, aviation, financial, and technology sectors.  This in itself is an attractive feature for businesses in the said sectors.  As the old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together” and sharing a business neighbourhood with the right ‘crowd’ can easily assist in elevating a company’s brand image through association with larger, or more well-established brands.   This may also help in developing new leads, business partners, and expand an operation’s business network.

Features of Sliema Business Centres

There are many ‘standard’ features and/or services that one will come to expect in a Sliema business centre.  Amongst these, we find:

  • Reception hall
  • Mail handling
  • Telephone management
  • Parking facilities
  • Backup generators
  • Strong network infrastructure
  • Centralised climate control
  • Technical support
  • Passenger and service elevators
  • Flexible floor plans
  • Cleaning services
  • Emergency facilities

Securing Office Space at a Sliema Business Centre

As part of its all-inclusive package, a Business Centre in Sliema can easily provide a quick turnaround when relocating a business, as the office space can be set-up within days.  This is an invaluable asset for operations where a rapid & seamless transition will reduce downtime and increase cost-savings.  Once the agreement is in place, if they need to, the tenants will be in a position to occupy the offices immediately.  A leasing agreement for a Sliema business centre will go through pre-defined stages:

  1. Terms Proposal
  2. Negotiations of terms
  3. Preliminary agreement on discussed terms
  4. Agreement draft review
  5. Final alterations
  6. Signing

We may help you identify the best-suited solution for your relocation requirements.  For more information and genuine advice related to superior office space rental in a Sliema business centre, you may contact us on the form below.

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