Spinola Park Business Centre

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Saint Julian's, Central Region, Malta, St. Julian's
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Spinola Park Business Centre
Saint Julian's, Central Region, Malta, St. Julian's
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Spinola Park Business Centre

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Spinola Park Business Centre: Elevate Your Business Experience

Spinola Park Business Centre, centrally located in the energetic heart of St. Julian’s, perfectly amalgamates a high-end corporate lifestyle with the tranquillity of an environmentally thoughtful, carefully designed space. This landmark development stands as a beacon of sustainability, underpinned by mindful practices adopted right from the earliest stages of construction.

Spinola Park Business Centre

Environmental Sustainability

The essence of environmental sustainability has been deeply embedded into the fabric of Spinola Park. It started with the constructive use of excavated rock, repurposed as aggregate for the concrete, marking the initiation of the project’s journey towards eco-conscious practices.

The edifice is enveloped with extensive energy-saving thermal insulation on the roof and façade. Adorning Spinola Park’s facade is its terraces, each beautified with 90 linear meters of lush greenery per floor. The terraces utilize recycled water from the air conditioning units for irrigation, pushing the boundaries of sustainable implementation.

Spinola Park Business Centre

The Business Centre: Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Covering a vast 12,000 SQM, the business centre at Spinola Park offers:

  • Expansive office spaces
  • Private terraces measuring 1,400 sqm, beautified with lush vegetation
  • 24-hour reception at the entrance lobby
  • Uniformly distributed air conditioning
  • Acoustic lining ensures sound absorption for a peaceful working atmosphere
  • Numerous environmentally sustainable design features

Spinola Park Business Centre: Amenities and Services

In addition, this Business Centre hosts an array of amenities and services, including:

  • 450 dedicated parking spaces
  • Complimentary retail services
  • A food court
  • Residential units
  • An onsite supermarket

Parking: Simplicity and Convenience

At Spinola Park Business Centre, parking is a breeze, featuring:

  • 450 secure parking spaces spread across four floors
  • Designated secure spaces for scooters and bikes
  • Long-term parking options
  • A state-of-the-art parking management system
  • Convenient payment options with exclusive offers linked to Spinola Park amenities
  • Round-the-clock customer support and prompt assistance
  • Membership schemes, including free parking when dining at Carob Tree and Manouche or shopping at Welbee’s supermarket

Designed for Your Needs

To further cater to the needs of our users, the centre provides:

  • Air conditioning
  • A nearby bus stop
  • Fire alarm systems
  • A backup generator
  • Lift access
  • Outdoor areas
  • Reserved parking
  • A scenic seafront view
  • Semi-furnished spaces
  • Wheelchair access
Spinola Park Business Centre

Rich in History: The Spinola Connection

The Spinola Park Business Centre, situated in St. Julian’s, draws its name from the historic area of Spinola. This district holds an important place in the rich tapestry of Maltese history, reflecting its intriguing past.

St. Julian’s, and Spinola in particular, was once a quiet fishing village. It was named after its patron saint, Saint Julian, who is also known as the patron saint of hunters. The quaint charm of Spinola can still be glimpsed in Spinola Bay, which retains the look and feel of the old fishing village.

Spinola Bay is dominated by the Spinola Palace, a magnificent edifice constructed in 1688 by Fra Paolo Raffaele Spinola, a knight of the Order of St John. This exquisite Baroque palace and its surrounding gardens are emblematic of the grandeur of Malta’s architectural past.

Today, Spinola, and indeed St. Julian’s has transformed into a bustling hub of entertainment and business, attracting locals and tourists alike. It’s in this vibrant setting that the Spinola Park Business Centre stands, infusing the modern business landscape with a touch of historic elegance.

Join the Future of Business with Spinola Park

At Spinola Park Business Centre, we believe that business should be a balance of productivity and sustainability. Our business centre combines the convenience and amenities of modern corporate life with a commitment to environmental conservation. By choosing to locate your business at Spinola Park, you’ll be part of a community that values environmental sustainability as much as corporate success. Experience the best of both worlds today – elevate your business experience with Spinola Park Business Centre.

Spinola Park Business Centre
  • City St. Julian's
  • Area Spinola


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