Make the Most of Your Space to Boost Productivity

The ancient Chinese art dates back almost 2000 years although it only soared to popularity in the Western world in the 80s. Translated literally as “wind-Chill Work Environment - Office Space Maltawater”, feng shui is actually about the sense of well-being people derive from a place.

Feng shui can be either positive or negative, and it’s easy to understand how it translates to everyday life; there are certain places that may make us feel more creative and inspired and there are others that can just as easily stifle or inhibit our abilities.

Many architects and interior decorators have taken to implementing feng shui when designing their clients’ homes. With many people spending a large chunk of their day at work, it makes sense to create a work space that also incorporates these principles.

We’ve put together some simple strategies to make your office feng shui more positive than ever.

Make it Greener

The quality of the air inside a building is just as important as the outdoor air; in times when pollution concerns are high on our list of health priorities, it’s essential to pay attention to the air we breathe indoors too.

Adding air-purifying plants to the office is a simple and cheap way to enhance interior air quality, boost oxygen levels and in turn increase your employees’ sense of wellbeing.

Let there be Light

Everyone knows that a bit of sunlight can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Office lighting, on the other hand, only provides a fraction of the same brightness.

Apart from this, fluorescent lighting in particular, which is commonly used in office spaces, actually makes people feel less energised and messes with quality of sleep. If choosing a workspace with large windows which allow natural light to come through isn’t an option, the alternative is installing “full spectrum” lights which mimic sunlight and are much better than their fluorescent counterparts.

Position is Everything

Window Desk - Rent Offices in MaltaThe “commanding position” is a feng shui term for the ideal position of power; in an office layout, this would be having your desk or workspace with your back to the wall so that you have as much of a view of the whole room as possible.

This placement makes people feel secure, while comparatively, sitting where people are passing by behind you can feel disconcerting and curb productivity.

Clear the Clutter

Maintaning a clutter-free workspace is instrumental to creating a harmonized environment. Encourage your employees to manage their documents regularly so these won’t pile up and leave them with untidy desks.

Meanwhile, ensure that the rest of the office area is kept organized to avoid the overwhelming feeling of chaos cluttered spaces tend to foster.

Don’t Underestimate the Views

A tried-and-tested way to alleviate stress levels is to observe something calming; a pleasant view or painting, for example, would do the trick.Sliema Office Space

An ideal way to construct a soothing office environment would be to choose an office space with access to numerous windows and sea views;  most people love looking out at the sea. If this isn’t possible however, investing in some tranquillizing artwork or photographs for employees to shift their gaze to is the next best way to go. Mirrors also help as they expand the sense of space.

Businesses that devote resources to their staff’s welfare have been proven to record higher success rates than those who don’t. Where feng shui is concerned, this is an ideal way to put your resources to good use; an office space filled with positive feng shui nurtures and supports employees, leaving them feeling energised to tackle their workload.