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Pieta Office Space for Rent

Rent Pieta Office Space for your Company 

Pieta Office Space is best suited for companies who are looking for a central yet affordable location for their company offices.

Bordering Msida, and just a few minutes drive from Valletta (Malta’s Capital), Pieta’ is an accessible and well presented coastal town in the North Eastern Harbour area.

Pieta Office Space Listings

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Pieta’ presents companies in need of office space with lots of options for offices for rent including a host of seafront offices, business centres and retail offices, as well as a selection of less premium office spaces that can be rented or leased out for a fraction of the prices that are paid in the top destinations around Sliema and St. Julian’s.

This is probably Pieta’s most enticing quality. The fact that it is so central and yet it still presents an incredible value proposition.

Pieta is Best Known for

Best known for the Marina and St. Luke’s Hospital, some of Pieta’s offices have amazing views of the Valletta Bastions, and parts of the Msida and Ta’ Xbiex waterfront. In addition, offices in Pieta’ also get to enjoy views of the Marina which wraps around from the outskirts of Valletta and goes all the way through Pieta’, Msida, Ta’ Xbiex and Gzira.

Pieta’ for your Office Location

Pieta’ as an office location offers companies lots of advantages that may give the said companies an edge when compared to most of the other locations in Malta.

Commuting to your Office in Pieta’

As a location, it is as central as can be. Pieta’s seafront sits right in between Valletta’s shoreline and Msida / Ta’ Xbiex. This location makes is easy to get into – be it by personal or public transport – and easier than, say, getting into the Sliema Shopping District for example. Highly convenient especially if trips in and out of the office may be happening throughout the work day.

Those requiring public transport access to Pieta’ will be happy to know that the town is very well-served as most of the Bus Routes that head towards the central and Northern parts of the islands Pass through Pieta’.

Amenities and Conveniences around Pieta’ Offices

Whilst not exactly what one would call a commercial hub – the likes of Sliema – there’s still lots of commercial activity with ample shops and services for everyday needs. Restaurants and take-aways are also abundant as is a healthy stock of residential properties for rent and for sale.

Pieta Office Buildings & Commercial Property

Among the various types of commercial property available for rent and for sale, Pieta’ has almost every type of commercial property type available. These include those on the seafront such as:

  • Seafront Offices in Pieta’
  • Seafront Business
  • Centres in Pieta’
  • Seafront Catering establishments in Pieta’
  • Seafont Retail Offices in Pieta’
  • Seafront Penthouses in Pieta’

One may also find other offices and commercial properties like

  • Furnished Offices for Rent
  • Duplex offices for rent and for sale
  • Ground floor offices for small sized companies
  • Entire office buildings for larger companies
  • Commercially-converted Palazzo’s and Townhouses

Furnished or unfurnished offices in Pieta’

Companies looking for office space in Pieta’ have the option of picking premium offices that are furnished as well as office spaces that are yet unfurnished..

Since companies from tech industries tend to experience supernormal growth, especially in their early years, some offices in Pieta’ – which is a highly attractive proposition for start-ups and young companies – are vacated in a furnished state. This usually results in their leaving a well finished and furnished office for the next tenant in line.

Apart from the possibility of finding a furnished space that has been recently vacated, landlords in several Pieta’s office buildings and office blocks will also be in a position to handle the furnishing of the offices at an optional extra if needs be. This enables potential tenants to choose the exact type of furniture that they may require in order to match their company branding and corporate style – whilst having the landlord handle the logistics of the furniture selection, delivery and installation. This may prove to be quite a handful in situations where permits from the local council may be required, in order to get furniture lifted to upper floors and/hiring of lifters.

Unfurnished offices for rent in Pieta’ are also available for companies who may want to furnish the space themselves. This may be the ideal solution for companies who want the full control and flexibility that this option will present. Most new offices for rent in Pieta’ will be offered in an unfurnished state, however, in situations where the property is presently rented, landlords may also offer the possibility of having the furniture removed in order to accommodate the potential tenant’s request for an unfurnished office space in Pieta’

Looking for Office Space in Pieta’?

Our team of commercial property agents have the islands covered. With many years of experience exclusively in the commercial real estate field, we are the ideal partner to assist your company with its office space requirements. Get in touch with our team today to find out the potential list of suitable properties in Pieta’ for your company.

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