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Tips for Sponsoring Office Team Building Programs Companies who are well invested in their employees normally offer a wide diversity of programs to ensure that they are successful.  Even though most of these company’s investments may be available in the form of individual development, they may also branch out to developing their staff into well […]

Top facts about Open Plan Offices Open plan offices are designed to improve communication and workflow.  If walls are barriers to success, let us tear them down.  Countless businesses love this office layout.  It is also modern and stylish.  Invariably though, open concept forces individuals to operate in an environment that makes weighty assumptions concerning how […]

Elements of a Highly Efficient Office Layout Making proactive efforts to achieve a highly efficient office layout is important in ensuring maximum productivity and profit within your office space.  This will typically require you to develop and implement measures that will result in the best office environment possible, depending on the type of work you’re […]

Negative Feedback as fuel for Success Receiving negative feedback is never easy, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.  However, there is something great that lies within it too, and that is, giving one room to grow, learn and become a great success!  In this sense one may look at negative feedback as fuel […]