The Truth About Working Remotely

Remote working is on the rise and hundreds of companies of all sizes and across all industries have embraced flexible working options in order to provide their employees with a more suitable work style that accommodates the need for a better work-life balance.

Moreover, many individuals are catching onto this style of working and realising that their job doesn’t have to determine where they live or restrict them to any one particular place. The advancements in digital technology mean that we should now have more liberty to mould our lives without putting our careers in jeopardy.

If you’re considering working from home, travelling the world or moving to a different country, then it makes sense to work for a company that allows this flexible approach to work. Before you take the plunge into the world of remote working, let us help bust some of these common myths so you can have a better understanding of how remote working works.

Myth #1: You can make millions of bucks by working from home

You’re liking to have come across more than a few clickbait-type ads that claim how easy it is to make millions of dollars by working from home, without having to do any actual work.

These types of ‘clickbait’ ads are the reason why working remotely gets such a bad rap; not only are they misleading, they’re just plain untrue.

Full-time remote work involves the same level of input as any ‘real’ office-based job; your boss is likely to check in just as often and you will be responsible for getting any tasks done in a timely manner.

Myth #2: Applying for remote positions is the same as any other job application

If you’ve been sending out heaps of job applications but are frustrated at not having heard back from any them, then it may be time to change your approach. The process of applying for a remote position is completely different from that of a traditional job since you’ll have to build up an online persona that speaks volumes from across the virtual boundaries, allowing potential employers to see that you’ve got what it takes to fulfil the role.

Build up your social media account, start a blog, compile a portfolio of your work; all of these are effective ways to get the attention of potential employers.

Moreover, when it comes to the interviewing process, you might have to jump through the hoops up to 3 times and even be asked to complete a trial period, before you’re awarded the role.

Myth #3: Remote workers never get promoted

While you may assume that your boss won’t realise how hard-working you are without seeing you on a regular basis, this is a common misconception.

Most companies that support remote working, monitor employee tasks and projects closely using specifically designed software tools, so if your work is up to scratch, you can expect your efforts will be recognised.

Myth #4: You need to fit your working hours around the rest of the team’s schedule

One of the major advantages of remote working is that even if you and your co-workers are in different countries, you won’t be expected to stick to the same hours. With the exception of the odd meeting, remote working generally allows all employees to work hours that suit their personal schedule and lifestyle.

Myth #5: Working remotely is boring and lonely

While you might miss the water-cooler chit chat and the bustling office environment occasionally, remote work doesn’t have to be lonely. 

Most companies implement internal instant communication networks such as Skype, so although you won’t be seeing your colleagues on a daily basis, you can still keep the communication open and flowing by dropping an instant message when need be. Moreover, many remote workers also choose to work in co-working spaces to ensure they still get those office vibes that may help increase productivity levels.

Undoubtedly, remote work may not be for you. Finding a remote position that suits your terms can also take time and patience. However, if you’re bored of your 9-to-5 and fancy a change of pace characterised by a more flexible lifestyle, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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