Many of us generally dread the start of the work week. You know the feeling: it starts from Sunday evening when we must dolefully come to accept that the weekend is well and truly over. Monday morning dawns and you can see many a dreary-eyed, miserable-looking employee dragging themselves to work. This feeling generally only […]

Public awareness about the health risks of inactivity and poor diets is steadily on the rise. However, the majority of people still seem to struggle to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine, making positive behaviours the exception rather than the norm If have an office job, chances are you’re stuck at your desk […]

 An island steeped in culture, history and breath-taking sea views, if you’re considering relocating your offices to Malta, you’ve picked a good contender. Apart from its strategic Mediterranean location and its attractive tax incentives, Malta has a lot to offer which is probably why it’s seen a massive influx of foreign businesses over the past […]

The Latest Trend to Sweep Offices Across the Globe Brainchild of Herman Miller, the concept of the living office is characterised by a high-performing workplace that presents employees with a quality work experience and helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals. Think of it as an improvement of the standard office space, one that provides […]

The average adult spends up to 75% of their week at the office. With people expected to work longer hours, it’s no wonder so many have come to consider their office as a second home. Many office spaces tend to be bland and boring, and in fact may end up stifling productivity rather than encouraging […]