Office Furnishings

Co-working has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, influencing all kinds of businesses across the world, from start-ups to bigger firms. If the current situation is anything to go by, this unconventional way of working shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the co-working industry can expect some significant changes […]

Working Out at Work Nowadays, we’re all encouraged to take better care of our health. The signs are everywhere; on TV programmes, in magazines and newspapers, even billboards have been erected with the aim of urging people to get more active. This is easier said than done of course; with many of us leading super […]

Make the Most of Your Space to Boost Productivity The ancient Chinese art dates back almost 2000 years although it only soared to popularity in the Western world in the 80s. Translated literally as “wind-water”, feng shui is actually about the sense of well-being people derive from a place. Feng shui can be either positive […]

Nowadays, an office is much more than just four walls within which we’re expected to buckle down and work, 5 days a week. Companies are continuously striving to create an environment where their employees can feel comfortable enough to be able to give their all to their tasks and responsibilities. Office furniture is an essential […]

Nowadays, we’ve come to expect a better, more improved version of everything we had accepted without question before. Better phones, better laptops, hell some of us are even on the lookout for better sex. In today’s digital age, when technology has made it possible for most things to be upgraded, people have started to demand […]

 An island steeped in culture, history and breath-taking sea views, if you’re considering relocating your offices to Malta, you’ve picked a good contender. Apart from its strategic Mediterranean location and its attractive tax incentives, Malta has a lot to offer which is probably why it’s seen a massive influx of foreign businesses over the past […]

The Latest Trend to Sweep Offices Across the Globe Brainchild of Herman Miller, the concept of the living office is characterised by a high-performing workplace that presents employees with a quality work experience and helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals. Think of it as an improvement of the standard office space, one that provides […]

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