Office Fitness

Working Out at Work Nowadays, we’re all encouraged to take better care of our health. The signs are everywhere; on TV programmes, in magazines and newspapers, even billboards have been erected with the aim of urging people to get more active. This is easier said than done of course; with many of us leading super […]

Many of us generally dread the start of the work week. You know the feeling: it starts from Sunday evening when we must dolefully come to accept that the weekend is well and truly over. Monday morning dawns and you can see many a dreary-eyed, miserable-looking employee dragging themselves to work. This feeling generally only […]

Public awareness about the health risks of inactivity and poor diets is steadily on the rise. However, the majority of people still seem to struggle to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine, making positive behaviours the exception rather than the norm If have an office job, chances are you’re stuck at your desk […]

The average adult spends up to 75% of their week at the office. With people expected to work longer hours, it’s no wonder so many have come to consider their office as a second home. Many office spaces tend to be bland and boring, and in fact may end up stifling productivity rather than encouraging […]


Ever heard of an Office Workout? And should you go for it? We!!, our bodies haven’t been designed to sit at a desk all day, but let’s face it, in the rat race we live in today, very few of us have the privilege of not having to sit on an office chair for at least […]