How to Develop Sound Business Ethics Since the inception of the concept of business, the term has always been wrought with corruption, fraud and questionable moral standings. Only in the last 2 decades, however, did this become a serious issue for anyone doing business in this way. This is because the dawn of the internet […]

How Journaling Your Thoughts Can Prove an Important Tool for Success Countless prominent historical figures made a habit of keeping professional journals to document their progress; Ben Franklin and Andy Warhol just to name a few. While these records now provide us with detailed recollections from these singular geniuses, they also proved instrumental to their […]

Fast feedback is essential for tech companies looking to improve new products by releasing them as quickly as possible to see how they fare and what adjustments need to be made. Companies now want to incorporate this principle into the HR department too. Employee appraisals and performance assessments usually take place on an infrequent basis, […]

If you happen to be running a small business, you’re probably already aware of the challenges that come with it, from delivery hassles to dealing with customer complaints and everything in between. However, probably the most essential concern of smaller companies is ensuring that they get paid in a timely manner. This concern is usually […]

Many of us generally dread the start of the work week. You know the feeling: it starts from Sunday evening when we must dolefully come to accept that the weekend is well and truly over. Monday morning dawns and you can see many a dreary-eyed, miserable-looking employee dragging themselves to work. This feeling generally only […]

While the open office layout was intended to break down barriers between co-workers and encourage communication and collaboration, it doesn’t come without its disadvantages. There’s no denying that capitalising on space and resources, fostering informal interactions and aiding workflow have been some of the major benefits that popularised the open layout. However, this increase in […]

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