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Malta is experiencing a rapid upsurge in the property market, with increasing demand for both domestic and commercial real estate. Strategically situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the island is once again reaping the benefits of its prime location between Southern Europe and North Africa. It’s also making the most of its status as […]

Mental health awareness has been steadily increasing both in Malta as well as on a global level. The stigma previously associated with mental illnesses, while still present, is slowly starting to fall away. We spoke to Arianne Spiteri Cremona, an employment officer with local NGO, Richmond Foundation. She tells us more about what it’s like […]


Plans are in place for the former Head-quarters of communications provider Go PLC to be turned into business centres.  The properties, according to the disclosed plan, will be transformed into premium office facilities which will be available for rent to third parties. Go is in possession of a healthy €50 million property portfolio and this […]