Valletta Serviced Offices

Valletta Serviced OfficesChoosing to rent in a serviced office within Valletta would not only place you in Malta’s Capital, but also in one of the most historical places on the island as well as a listed World Heritage site by UNESCO.  This incredible city is teeming with ancient stories and is full of character.  It is the current home of the Maltese government and has housed, in the past, emperors, heads of state, artists and poets.

Valletta as a Serviced Office Location

The city is filled with picturesque cafes, wine bars, charming restaurants and is one of the main tourist attractions in Malta with it’s magnificent Grand Harbour, impressive bastions and imposing St John’s Co-Cathedral.

During the day it is a bustling, lively city filled with visitors straight from the cruise ships docked in the harbour, tourists ferrying over from Sliema, businessmen and locals enjoying the daily delights of their beautiful city. Amongst all the history and extravagant architecture are many shops/retail outlets to browse through, hidden along the labyrinth style streets.  There is, of course, a more relaxed, scenic way to tour the city which is by horse drawn carriage so you may take in the full beauty that is Valletta.

During the night it has become host to many cultural events such as theatre in English, concerts by popular opera singers and besides the beautiful restaurants there are many relaxed wine and cocktail bars to enjoy a well deserved drink after a long, hard day in the office.

Highlights of Valletta as an Office Base

Valletta has always been the main business hub in Malta, mainly for legal offices and shopping outlets, but as more people discovered the benefits of this city it has grown to encompass fund management companies, architectural firms, designers, international trade and Tech Companies to name a few. It has now become the ideal city in which to start up a business venture within a serviced office as it’s in a perfect location for easy transport with the Malta International Airport just 8 kilometres away with direct flights to many major cities in Europe, Russia and the north of Africa. There is the Port of Valletta which offers a range of maritime services and on the other side of the peninsula that this city lies upon is where you will find the ferries and water taxis which will take you across the bay to Sliema or further up to the sister island, Gozo.  However, driving and parking in Valletta can be quite the headache, luckily there are buses that run regularly from the main bus terminal as well as a nearby Park and Ride in Floriana which includes a minibus that will take you right to the centre, there is of course hassle-free parking available at a small cost within the MCP carpark.

Benefits of Valletta Serviced Offices

Valletta Serviced OfficesServiced offices within Valletta would be ideal for any start-up company or business in need of a fresh, new location as there are numerous commercial properties and office spaces to choose from, however many of those have not been renovated or updated in quite some time so whilst the demand for a ready to move into and modern office is quite high, supply of quality finished offices is somewhat limited. There is the possibility of renting a property in an unfinished state and modernising to your own specifications, but that can also be quite tedious, time consuming and costly. Another option is renting an office within a residential block, which is quite a popular option in Valletta as not many other towns provide permits for commercial use within these blocks. If you don’t mind going about your business amongst the routine of locals daily life then it is a brilliant choice.

If you were to rent a space as part of a serviced office in this remarkable city, everything you could possibly want or require is within walking distance, with various options for lunches starting from low budget and practical cafes for employees or if you’re after something a bit more extravagant to show off to your fellow business partners there are many extraordinary cafes and restaurants with picturesque views.  If you are in need of services such as lawyers, architects, auditors and much more, they are conveniently located no matter your position in the city, there are government departments, suppliers of stationery so you can save on the cost of transport and delivery, entertainment and much more, which is why the capital of Malta has become one of the most popular business districts on the island.  Valletta is the pinnacle of locations in Malta, having the most regal of addresses and any company would benefit greatly from residing here as it would increase the image of the corporation ten-fold.

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