St Julians Serviced Offices

St. Julian’s is a coastal town situated just north of the capital city, Valletta, and is largely a tourism oriented town with many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs spread throughout the different districts of this area, those being ‘Spinola Bay’, ‘Paceville’ and ‘Bay Street’.  However, the commercial business community is growing rapidly within this town with the tallest tower in Malta, Portomaso Business Tower, being the most popular commercial office block in this area.  Residential units, supermarkets, food and retail outlets are all in a convenient walking distance to each other which makes this a perfect location for any business looking into leasing space in a serviced office.

St Julians Serviced Offices

Besides being the number one choice for holiday accommodation in Malta, St. Julian’s is also home to some of the most elite residential addresses on the island and boasts many beautifully aesthetic commercial buildings.  Choosing to upgrade, open or relocate your business to a St. Julians Serviced Office would instantly promote your company just by the simplicity of your new address.  There are many luxury fashion outlets, plenty of fine dining restaurants and, of course, the picturesque Hilton Marina that will surely compliment any business residing within this beautiful town.

St. Julians Serviced Offices Highlights

There are many advantages to choosing St. Julians Serviced Offices, besides it’s popularity, getting to and from the office is an easy task as there are many buses passing through the town on a regular basis or if you prefer a more leisurely route, walking anywhere in St Julian’s will take you no more than 15 minutes.  There are plenty of options for lunch, be it for employees who are in need of a quick bite or something on a lower budget with ample options, ranging from Japanese to Italian.  If you are after a destination with a bit more class, St Julian’s is the place to be as it enjoys a large selection of high end restaurants to impress those out of town businessmen and women.  During the hot summer season, cooling off during your break is effortless as there are plenty of beach spots to choose from, ‘St George’s Bay’ being a very popular location or if you are one that prefers absolute comfort over the nuisance of sand, there is Guiseppe’s Lido of the St Julian’s pitch which also caters for the hungry.

St. Julians Serviced Offices Parking

Like all other commercial areas, one should note that when renting in St Julians Serviced Offices, apart from parking within the Serviced Office Building itself, parking is available in the numerous underground car parks situated within the town.  One should note that unless a membership is in place for these parking complexes, one could end up spending a lot of unnecessary money on parking or an extra 30 minutes of the morning trying to find a free street parking spot.  This is where public transport comes in handy and is most definitely a less stressful and quicker way to get yourself to work.  Also, due to it having the number one location for bars, clubs and discotheques, ‘Paceville’, you will get a lot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic coming and going, which in summer grows exponentially and includes many young adults.

Working at Serviced Offices in St. Julians

St Julians Serviced OfficesWhen working in St. Julians Serviced Offices, you will always find the pros and cons of that location, however, St Julians has many more advantages to consider, as it is a small town, getting around is simple and easy, the commercial business community is steadily increasing which will benefit your company, although so is the demand for property so the sooner you become part of a serviced office within St. Julian’s, the greater your acquisition will be as you will have an elite address that many desire.

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