Sliema Serviced Offices

Sliema is a major tourism spot on the northeastern coast of Malta nestled between Gzira and St Julian’s, the town is filled with gorgeous cafes, restaurants, hotels as well as plenty of retail outlets.  In recent years Sliema has experienced significant growth in both residential and commercial blocks.  Being such a popular location, accessibility to all amenities is quite simple with everything you need in a short walking distance.  This beautiful, former fishing village has been quite successful in becoming a fantastic tourist spot but is now growing to encompass a business district and many I-Gaming companies have set up their corporations amongst the bustling town of locals and visitors.

Business set-up in Sliema Serviced Offices

Sliema Serviced OfficesSetting up your business within Serviced Offices in this lovely town has many advantages for the employers, the employees and, of course, for the company as a whole.  With many residential options in Sliema, getting to and from work can be done with ease as anywhere in Sliema is no more than a 20 minute walk, employee lunches can be done on any budget as there many cafes and restaurants to choose from, public transport is readily accessible with buses running through Sliema every 15 minutes and many other services such as, stationery, pharmacies, Language schools, Travel Agents, and much more are located within this sought after town.

Serviced offices in Sliema

Commercial and Residential property can be quite expensive in Sliema because of it’s popularity and advantages of it’s location so for one looking to open a business or simply in need of a new address, choosing to rent space in a Sliema Serviced Office would most definitely benefit you well, due to it being a much less expensive option as all the furniture, equipment and maintenance are already set up and taken care of.  Thus giving you more time and money to focus on the important issues within your company and removing those small but essential problems from your seemingly endless list of things to do.  Impressing current and potential clients, business partners or visitors will also be one less thing to worry about when you have magnificent views of the capital city, Valletta, and Manoel Island directly across from ‘The Strand’ which is the most popular location of Sliema, this is where you will also find ferries that will take you to Valletta or even north to Gozo and Comino.  If it’s more their stomachs you need to make an impact upon, there are plenty of traditional Maltese restaurants to choose from, as well as an assortment of fine dining options and an array of cuisines available.Sliema Serviced Offices

However, parking in Sliema can be quite the challenging at times with not too many large parking areas to choose from and many more cars than people going in and out of this busy town.  The wisest option would be to choose public transport, car pooling or simply walking to work, if possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself driving around Sliema, only to end up parking near your home and having to walk anyway.  During the summer it can get quite busy and so all the quick and easy tasks you were used to in winter may take you twice as long to complete as the town can almost double in population.

Choosing Sliema Serviced Offices would most definitely benefit your business as it’s one of the most recognisable addresses in Malta, for newcomers it is the easiest location to get to and you will find everything and anything for all your business and personal needs within walking distance from your office.  As well as it being an all round, absolutely beautiful town.

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