Msida Serviced Offices

Msida is a quiet seaside village and is the hometown of Busy Bee, Malta’s most famous and delicious Confectionery, filled with the irresistible mouth watering pastries and cakes.  Due to it’s very central position, Msida attracts a lot of traffic as it’s main road connects you to Ta’Xbiex, Pieta, Gzira, San Gwann, Santa Venera, Hamrun and Birkirkara.  Towards the outskirts of Msida you will find the University of Malta and Mater Dei hospital whilst in the central area is the beautiful yacht marina, surrounded by many cafes, grocers, butchers and bars.

Msida Serviced Offices

Msida as a Serviced Offices Location

The commercial community in Msida is growing drastically to accommodate the large influx of international businesses choosing to open shop amongst the locals of this island.  There are many options available for any corporation wanting to create space within a serviced office in Msida, with a variety of enterprises already established such as, catering, igaming companies, retail, marine services and tourism.  With property on the market to cater for all types of corporations, from small spaces for start up businesses with a low budget to a more medium size and, of course, large, highly developed business centres for those who desire modern comforts and features such as, underground parking, 24 hour alarm system and back-up generators.

Msida Serviced Offices Highlights

When considering the option of building your company within Msida Serviced Offices, one must look at all aspects of the location, business centre and community and like all towns, Msida has its advantages and disadvantages.  Due to it having such an important junction, visitors to this town are quite frequent and substantial, which in turn means a greater amount of pedestrian traffic to and from your office space, as well as it being a favoured spot for tourists who are exploring the local sights and attractions as well as cafes, take away outlets, grocers and many other amenities, in turn this creates the greatest form of advertising, word of mouth.

Having said that, traffic is also the towns largest weakness, since the most busiest part of the town is also residing within a valley and being situated below sea level, during some of the wettest days of the year flash floods can arise, immobilising the streets and bringing traffic to a standstill, creating an extremely difficult situation when travelling to work.  There are many alternative routes to choose, however it doubles your commuting distance and time.  Msida Serviced Offices, for the majority of the year, are easily accessible with many buses utilising this road as an essential part of their route.

Msida Serviced Offices, an Affordable Offering

Msida Serviced OfficesThere are many benefits to contemplate when choosing Msida Serviced Offices for your new or relocating business, unlike other towns such as Valletta, St Julian’s and Sliema, commercial property can be much more affordable here with a more preferable price for floor space, leaving you with extra in your pocket to help develop your company into the thriving, successful corporation you envisioned.  Msida Serviced Offices also provide you with essential features and equipment to help maintain your businesses image and productivity, such as flexible work spaces to create layouts specific to your company, quick and easy relocating solutions for those requiring a simple design, versatile leasing alternatives that will assist in your potential expansion and can create a more adaptable working environment.

Msida Serviced Offices are a top choice for any business in need of a relocation, a start off position or just a clean, fresh slate as it’s address is perfect for those who require somewhere central, yet not as immensely busy as other towns in the area.  It’s office spaces are modern, yet affordable and there is plenty of room to develop and expand if the need arises.

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