Gzira Serviced Offices

Gzira is a coastal town on the north-eastern side of Malta, set in between Msida and Sliema, and guards the entrance to the historical site of Manoel Island.  The town is buzzing with locals, visitors, tourists and expats with many shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels lined up along the coast all overlooking the magnificent bastions of Valletta.  There is a large commercial community in Gzira with an abundance of luxury car show rooms, food outlets, real estate agencies and insurance companies as well as a growing centre of serviced offices to choose from. This location would be absolutely perfect for any company needing to lease space within a serviced office as it’s central to all amenities that one might need.

Serviced offices in Gzira

Gzira Serviced OfficesGzira is a rapidly growing town and in turn, the commercial aspect of things grows with it, with many modern office blocks being erected throughout the town.  Gzira Serviced Offices are becoming a much more popular option for businesses due to it’s cost efficiency as they are a flexible, dynamic, all round beneficial alternative for start-up companies, businesses in need of a fresh address or a temporary site during the course of a relocation project.  Especially with the added ease of short term leases and dynamic work spaces that gives you full management on the precise requirements, layout and length of time you desire for your business with the ability to expand your space as your company develops and inflates.

Gzira Serviced Offices for companies

A serviced office in Gzira will provide a company with the tools and facilities to create a workplace that is unique to your businesses needs and requirements with the ability to set up a layout that showcases your company’s image in the precise vision you so wish for.  Renting space within Gzira Serviced Offices will give you the freedom and capability to focus entirely on your project whilst things such as phone and mail management, furniture, equipment and setting up are all taken care of.  Back up generators are supplied, reception and secretarial services are provided, as well as property management leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on the more important aspects of your company.

Highlights of Gzira Serviced Offices

Leasing space within Gzira Serviced Offices can also open your business up to a larger public spectrum as it is a well populated town and is favoured amongst visitors to Malta, with its affordable residential options and diversity, it is a popular living option for many.  There are a range of cafes and restaurants to choose from, supplying you with an array of options for lunch, from fast food outlets to fresh, healthy vegetarian meals.  Residential accommodation is highly affordable so commuting to and from work is quick and easy, all in a short walking distance.

Choosing Serviced Offices in Gzira as a base of operation may to some extent cause some slight delays when trying to find parking as parking is limited to street parking.  Gzira Serviced OfficesDue to it being a very popular location for both residents and businessmen, trying to locate a parking spot can be prove challenging for anyone arriving a few minutes late after the start of the business day.  However, public buses pass regularly through the town, connecting you to many other towns in the surrounding area as well as villages further north and south of the island so travelling to work can become stress free.

Gzira Serviced Offices have the advantage of being in a close proximity to Sliema, Msida and Ta’Xbiex which all have large commercial communities, so corresponding with neighbouring companies becomes a much simpler mission as they are all in a 20 minute radius to the centre of Gzira.  As well as having the benefit of services such as, retail outlets, stationers, post offices, food outlets, confectionery and much more located within the town creating an effortless day to day work and personal life style.

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