Sliema is a trendy popular town located on the northeastern coast of Malta.  ‘Tas-Sliema’ as it’s known by the locals, is a major commercial and residential area with the population being over 17,000 with a significant turnover of foreign expatriates residing there temporarily.

Sliema Strand Seafront OfficesSliema offices are most favourable for many reasons, the main one being the convenience of having everything one could possibly need within walking distance from the office or workplace.  From supermarkets, fitness centres and retail shops to an extensive choice of cafes and restaurants.

Seafront Sliema Offices feature a breath-taking shoreline, an exclusive promenade that sees many joggers and walkers all year round, as well as beautiful sea-views and beaches surrounding the town.  From one end, the fortifications of the capital city of Valletta can be seen from the ‘ferries’ area, where many of the retail shops, cafes, restaurants and Sliema offices are located.

Whether one happens to be working at an office in the heart of the town, or along its beautiful coastal areas, people working in this area will be spoilt for choice when looking for a lunch place, or after work hang out.  Whether it’s a quick take-away snack, dine-in option or after work drinks, one can enjoy an extensive choice of entertainment establishments and wide range of cuisines.

For those who enjoy unwinding away from the entertainment areas, Sliema also has plentiful opportunities for relaxing at the beach, snorkelling, diving and swimming after work without having to move your car, in the rush hour between 5-6.30PM where parking is close to impossible.  Fitness centres, gyms and classes are available within walking distance from each other, not to forget a walk along its promenade which are all a nearby treat to unwind doing after a days work.

On the downside, with Sliema offices being so popular, setting up an office or living here is not the least costly choice when compared to other towns.  From property rentals, gym memberships to food and drinks have higher retails prices in these areas.  Renting a two bedroom apartment in Sliema is generally 20% – 30% more than neighbouring towns. Similarly, daily needs that one may find at a convenience store would be priced at a similar increase in price.

Sliema-Seafront-OfficesSliema may not be the easiest town to get to or drive through if you own a car and finding a parking space is close to impossible at certain times of the day.  Sliema has been ringed with modern apartment blocks and offices and become engorged with traffic in recent decades.  The excess of cars driving through the town and limited parking spaces can be a great annoyance for people working at Sliema offices or living there.  With only three access points into Sliema, traffic and parking is a huge problem.  Planning to arrive 20 minutes before your work start time is important, as you might spend a good 15-20mins looking for parking unless you’re willing to fork out 3-5 Euros a day in one of the nearby car parks.  You can also opt to get a yearly membership at a car park to save some money which will certainly save a fair few hours of petrol and looking for parking over a year’s period!

Overall, Sliema offices are a great place work from and with no surprise to why they’re so popular!  To some people, it might be worth digging a little deeper into one’s pocket to enjoy living or working at an office in this area, or sacrificing that extra half hour to find a parking space.  To others, who prefer quieter areas and a more economical cost of living, this might not be the place for you.

With Malta’s diversity and so many upcoming areas to suit everyone’s budget and needs, check out our upcoming articles about other towns around Malta, and see if any of these might be just the town you are looking for your next commercial or residential property investment!