Plans are in place for the former Head-quarters of communications provider Go PLC to be turned into business centres.  The properties, according to the disclosed plan, will be transformed into premium office facilities which will be available for rent to third parties.

Go-Business-CentreGo is in possession of a healthy €50 million property portfolio and this move is clearly a step that will help the telecom operator to take advantage of the healthy market dynamics in place and allocate resources to Commercial property letting, a booming sector of the local property market.

The property application process for these two business centres is already at an advanced stage for both of the operator’s commercial properties in Birkirkara, and Marsa, both relatively central properties with accessibility from most of the Island’s main road arteries.  It has also been suggested that more premises, such as the ones in Sliema and St. Paul’s Bay may be freed up for smarter, or more profitable use of resources.