New Job - MaltaOffices.comWhen starting a new job, it’s natural to go in to work every morning eager to please and prove our worth. It is after all, a new beginning and we understandably want to make a good first impression and start off this fresh chapter of our lives on a positive note.

Generally, we need not worry, as just by virtue of being selected for the job, we’ve already succeeded at passing the first test and proven ourselves to be the best candidate for the role. Nevertheless, it’s in our nature to be anxious and try to anticipate the hurdles of an unfamiliar environment.

 Get Along with your Colleagues

As it’s become the norm to spend long hours at the office, our co-workers are the people we inadvertently end up spending the better part of our day with. If you’re an introvert and find it hard to adapt and socialise, don’t let the prospect of a new team of colleagues put you off. As you’re the newbie, some of the other employees may take the initiative to take you under their wing and introduce you to the rest of the team.

Keep in mind that while it’s useful to have that one colleague you can count on, make it point to try to speak to as many people as possible and leave no ice unbroken. A genuine smile and a few minutes of small talk can go a long way.

Moreover, having a few go-to colleagues’ means you can rely on them for advice on how to tackle new tasks when your boss isn’t available. Show them your appreciation and you could find yourself forging a couple of long-term friendships along the way too.

 Impress Your Boss

In order to start off on a positive note with your new boss, you’d do well to do some research about them before you actually start your job. Look up their LinkedIn or Twitter profile, try to find out some of their Business Contacts - MaltaOffices.comworking history, achievements as well hobbies and interests. That way, you’ll already be able to get a basic idea of who you’ll be working under. Once you meet them in person, resist the urge to ramble on about your past experience and qualities and fine-tune your listening skills instead. An attentive employee makes your boss’s work easier and they’ll appreciate you more if you show initiative to grasping new concepts quickly.

Additionally, try to assess your boss’s character during your first week and observe what makes him tick and the way he likes to work and aim to adjust your behaviour to his working style in order to build a better relationship. While sucking up may be a tried tactic, it’s still worthwhile to get on your boss’ good side to ensure a smoother transition to your new role.

Be Mindful of Company Policies

Does your new company have a particular dress code? Are they super strict on punctuality? While such things may seem frivolous compared to the work you’re actually required to be doing, it’s useful to educate yourself on the workings of the company before you start your job to ensure you aren’t unknowingly breaking any unwritten rules. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting reprimanded for wearing flip flops to the office on your first day.

 Observe, Ask, and Learn

A new environment, different faces, together with an entirely unique way of doing things are just some of the nuances of any new job, sometimes even within the same company, if you happen to be moving to aBusiness Success - Rent Offices in Malta different department. It’s all bound to take some getting used to, but your best bet is taking some time to observe the way things are done. If you’re still not sure, ask, don’t just assume. No matter how busy your superior might be, they still want to support you and see you succeed

Keep in mind that the first few weeks at a new job will undoubtedly be stressful until you get into the swing of things. Put in a little extra effort during this crucial time to make sure you come out of it more confident and capable to handle all the responsibilities of your new role.