Don’t let Your Tardiness Wreck Your Opportunities

There are generally two types of people in the world; those who keep time and those who don’t. If you fall into the latter category, you can definitely sympathise with the plight; sure you don’t actually mean to beTIme Management - Office Space Malta late, but somehow, despite your best intentions, you still end up getting to the office at least ten minutes after you were supposed to be there.

Moreover, you often find yourself making excuses for your lateness; maybe it was that huge traffic jam, or you spent ages looking for a parking space. You could even resort to blaming others; your significant other hogged the shower, your kid couldn’t find his shoes so you were late getting him to school. Whatever the reason, a similar pattern always seems to emerge with people who tend to be late all the time.

If it’s only a matter of a couple of minutes here and there, we tend to shrug it off; nowadays constant connectivity means it’s easy to simply send a text or make a phone call to let someone know that we’re running late without causing too much trouble.

Nevertheless, people who are constantly late do not give off a positive impression; they generally project ineptitude, ego-centrism and worst of all, a lack of respect for others, even if they don’t mean to. When it comes to your professional life, being late will definitely hinder your attempts to get ahead and may even cost you your job.

Take note of some simple tips to train yourself to be on time regularly; once you get into the routine, you’ll find yourself more likely to stick to timings.

Plan Ahead

If you’re not a morning person, you may well find it difficult to get to work on time every morning. Set yourself up with a nightly routine so you have everything you need prepared the night before to decrease the amount of time spent getting ready in the morning.

For example, prepare your breakfast so you just have to grab it from the fridge and eat it on the go if necessary, lay out your clothes, check you have everything in your bag/briefcase, and even take a shower the night before. All there’s left to do when the alarm goes off is get up, get dressed and leave the house.


Stick to the Clock

Time Managment at Work - MaltaOffices.comChecking the clock is your best chance of keeping to your timings and calculating your journey.

What’s more avoid pressing snooze and train your body to wake up on the first alarm goes off; if you’re slow to get ready, allow yourself enough time to do your thing – wake up 2 hours before if you have to.

Additionally, a useful trick is to always calculate to be somewhere ten minutes earlier than you’re supposed to – your tardy ways mean you’re more likely to get to your destination on time when allowing yourself this extra ten-minute window.

Consider Your Obstacles

If traffic is a nightmare that stalls you from getting to work on time in the morning, consider leaving earlier or taking alternate routes to make it there in time. After all, it’s unlikely your boss will accept a traffic jam as a daily excuse for your tardiness; anticipate delays and see what can be done to get around them.

Be Mindful of Time-Wasting

It’s likely you’re always late because of your natural disposition; maybe you’re just a laid back person. Moreover, there are certain habits you could be prone to that that hinder your efforts at getting yourself out of the door –  getting distracted while finishing up household tasks, checking your emails, texts, or Facebook feed, or even zoning out while styling your hair and then wondering where the time went are all common time-suckers.

As a final word of advice, it’s important to come to terms with the fact that your time is limited; don’t try and squeeze as many appointments, meetings, events as you can without feeling rushed and stressed out to Time Manangement Tips - MaltaOffices.commake it everywhere on time. Allow yourself appropriate time-windows to commute, eat, even use the bathroom and recharge between one thing and the next.

A little planning could go a long way to save yourself the agitation of always being late everywhere and what’s more, show others that you respect their time too.