How Journaling Your Thoughts Can Prove an Important Tool for Success

Work Organiser - MaltaOffices.comCountless prominent historical figures made a habit of keeping professional journals to document their progress; Ben Franklin and Andy Warhol just to name a few. While these records now provide us with detailed recollections from these singular geniuses, they also proved instrumental to their own writers’ successes.

Keeping a record of your daily tasks and projects is probably the most useful work hack to boost your professional success. Moreover, it’s an extremely simple process that will take you very little time each day but which will undoubtedly serve as an aid for future.

Make it a habit of setting aside 10 to 15 minutes at the end of your work day to recount how you spent your time; there’s no need for any kind of fixed structure, just go with whatever works for you. You could make a checklist or just jot everything down in a stream-of-consciousness type of way. Either way, you’ll find the results to be quite satisfying and find yourself recommending the practice to anyone who’ll listen to you.

Releases Stress

If you ever kept a diary when you were a kid or a teenager, you’ll probably be aware that just writing stuff down often makes us feel better. An ideal form of venting, it’s used as a coping mechanism that relieves some of our daily stress. By putting it all down on paper, we make it seem more real, and make the memory of that particular day last so we can revert back to it if we need to.

Provides an Overview of Your Day

If you tend to make mental checklists of all the stuff you have to get done throughout your work day, you may find that keeping a record of what you’ve Work Diary - MaltaOffices.comactually done by the end of the day will provide you with an honest overview of everything you managed to do as well as those tasks which you didn’t get to. In turn, this strategy may help you to better manage your time at work and get more done.

Document Your Accomplishments

It’s easy to forget everything we got done during the day, and we sometimes tend to give more weight to what didn’t get done. Taking stock of the our accomplishments, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to us at the time is a sure-fire way to record and focus on our wins and the recognition they deserve. This can motivate and inspire us to keep on striving for progress and ends our day on a positive note.

Consider Your Mistakes

Documenting everything we do throughout our work day can help us to identify unhelpful patterns and mistakes that are keeping us back from achieving our best. After a bad day at the office, we often just want to forget about the whole thing and put it behind us, but actually going over it can serve as a useful way to pinpoint where we went wrong and what we could do differently the next time round to ensure we don’t repeat our mistakes.

Provides a Fresh Perspective

Work Mode - MaltaOffices.comWriting things down often serves as a helpful way to get a different perspective on them. We often tend to take things to extremes and think of them as being worse than they actually were; this is especially true of a crappy day at the office. On reflecting upon the day’s events however, we may find that apart from a few setbacks, things did not go as bad as we made them out to be. Sometimes, perspective is everything.

As workdays tend to pass us by in a flash, journaling our thoughts, achievements and setbacks, and how we handled them can be a valuable way to help us get ahead in our careers. It also serves as important resource for our yearly appraisals or performance reviews.