How to get along with the boss at the office

Many ask themselves the question “How should I behave to get along with the boss at the office?”  Starting fresh under a new boss at the office may mean a new beginning for you, but it need not be a negative venture.

Your new boss may not know of all your contributions and is probably unaware of some of your greatest achievements and projects you’ve done at the office in the past, but this can still be a positive experience, if you make it one!

The most common mistake you can do at the office when meeting your new boss or supervisor, is to ramble on about your great personal branding, highlighting your qualities and immediately directing him to your blog or LinkedIn profile to learn more about you.

As attractive as this may seem, it’s an awful approach to start with!  If you really want to start off on a good note with your new boss at the office, try listening instead of talking!

Try not to rush or panic, remember this is all a new beginning for him too. Give him some space and allow the relationship to develop slowly, rather than over-selling yourself, potentially leaving you looking egotistic or arrogant.

5 Tips how to get along with the new Boss at the office

Work-with-a-New-Boss-at-the-Office-Get to know him.

Pay attention to even minor details whilst at the office, what are his likes and dislikes?  Does he dress professionally or casually at work?  Is he a joker or a serious character at work? how about in less formal environments?  Try to adjust to his work ethics and standards by following the same style.  Any bosses like the employees who ‘get them’ and who know what they expect without having to voice it every person in the office.

Review your performance goals.

Discuss your goals with your new boss at the office and see if your old goals are in line with your new boss’s vision.  Scrap anything he is not interested in and align your goals according to his new focus, bringing any experience you have in areas that are key targets to his attention.

Welcome change with an open mind.

Bosses want employees who they feel will support them and their agenda, even if it means adjusting to a whole new system for you.  Be open to change at the office and make sure the new boss understands that you’re not going to be hung up on old ways, but that you are ready and excited to embrace new strategies and ideas.  Contribute your own ideas about how the boss’s objectives can be met.

Look around and learn as much as you can about your Boss.

These days most high profile people have a fair bit of information about themselves posted online.  Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks you can find out a great deal about your new boss even before ever having met them at the office.  Find out what strikes a chord with your new boss!  Where has he’s previously worked?  Are there any public comments or references written by former colleagues indicating his work style or any other useful details on public professional networks?  Does he have pets, if so, is he a dog or cat lover?  Does he like e-mails or does he prefer face to face communication in the office environment?  Find out as much as you can to ease into a working style that sits well with your boss, saving you time and possible awkward moments of finding out his likes and dislikes through daily trial and error.

Get-along-with-the-New-BossShow him how what you’re worth.

When a new boss joins the office, if there’s one thing you’re sure to know more about than your new boss, it’s the company!  Feed your boss information about the key employees, company systems, how the managers function and anything that you think might be useful for him to help him settle into the company as quickly as possible.  By offering your insight, you can be seen as helping the boss, and not pushing your own agenda.

And finally, as challenging and frustrating starting over may sometimes seem, having a new boss is a great opportunity for you to learn new skills.  Since different bosses have different strengths and weaknesses take note of what you can learn or brush up on and use all this in a positive manner to excel more and become better prepared for your future.

Have you got any tips you’d like to share with us on how to get along with a new boss at the office?  We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below!