Restaurant Business - Commercial Property MaltaIf you’ve got a passion for cooking, wining and dining, friends and family can’t stop singing praises about your dinner parties and you’ve always dreamed about being your own boss, it may be time to think about starting your very own catering business.

Most catering enterprises start from passion, or a desire to turn a hobby into a career. Unfortunately, however, many meet an untimely end as a result of poor business planning. Catering is a lot more than just cooking and serving; there are several other factors to consider in order to be successful in such a competitive industry.

You may have already thought about things such as quality, hygiene and the type of food you’d like to be serving, and while these aspects undoubtedly form the backbone of your business, the operations behind them are equally important.

Hands-on Experience in Catering

If you’re completely new to the catering industry, consider starting out by getting yourself some first-hand experience by working for already established businesses. In this way, not only will you gain exposure to the tricks of the trade before making an investment of your own, you’ll also get a glimpse into what this kind of work truly entails. Getting down in the trenches is the best and most realistic way to confirm that catering is really the path you want to take.

 Catering Business Logistics

Restaurant - Commercial Property MaltaYou can’t just set up your restaurant and expect people to flock to it like sheep. The marketing side of catering businesses is often underestimated. Figure out what channels you’ll need to access in order to get your name out there as well as to attract customers.

Moreover, what about the food staples and ingredients which you’ll be needing to keep your business up and running? You’ll also need additional staff to help you as your business starts to grow and of course, the actual premises where the food preparation will take place. Some ingredients might need to be imported if they are not harvested locally so this would result in additional expenses that might affect your menu and prices.

Catering Businesses for Sale in Malta

Malta provides an ideal location to set up your very own catering business. Apart from attractive tax incentives for foreign companies setting up shop here, the island also offers a favourable climate and a laid-back lifestyle that puts a strong emphasis on dining and entertainment. Moreover, thousands of tourists flock to its shore every year so you’ll definitely have no shortage of eager clients. While Mediterranean cuisine is something of a specialty, the island has attracted a melting pot of cultures over the past decade, leading to a true fusion of ethnic, Asian and East European flavours.

Malta offers a myriad of catering establishments for sale or to lease, ranging from restaurants, bars and café’s, to smaller eateries and commercial kitchens, Catering Business - Commercial Property Maltatoo. Most of these are situated in prime hotspot localities, ideal for attracting ample business possibilities.

Moreover, its strong tourism sector means that the island invests a lot into the catering industry. It’s very own Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) offers specialised courses and degrees for those looking to get their qualifications to further their career prospects in the industry.

Remember that just like any other field, it will take some time and a lot of patience to get your catering business off the ground. Building a reputation and becoming profitable requires a lot of dedication, commitment and most of all, passion for the trade. Nevertheless, investing in your very catering business can be extremely lucrative in the long run, especially on a sunny and friendly island like Malta.