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Ben Borg Cardona met his first love when he just eight years old; an old Pentax camera. The 33-year old Maltese director of photography and cameraman opens up to us about his love for his work and what it’s like to shoot visual media for a living. You’ve worked on several local and international productions, […]

Luke Cassar is a certified free diving instructor and co-founder of free diving school, Innerdive, based in Gozo. We sought to get a better understanding of how free diving works and how he came to choose this particular career path. You probably get asked this question a lot, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Why freediving?  I […]

Fattima Mahdi may appear to be a Jack of all trades but she’s certainly proven she can master all of them and have some time left over to enjoy the lighter side of life too. She tells us what it’s like to find a balance between writing, roller skating and recording her own music, too. […]