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Companies looking to invest in real estate whether to expand their business operations to different branches or set up shop in an entirely different location now have a plethora of options at their disposal in today’s booming worldwide property market. Corporate real estate is an umbrella term which has come to refer to everything from […]

How Journaling Your Thoughts Can Prove an Important Tool for Success Countless prominent historical figures made a habit of keeping professional journals to document their progress; Ben Franklin and Andy Warhol just to name a few. While these records now provide us with detailed recollections from these singular geniuses, they also proved instrumental to their […]

Malta has been hailed as a mecca for start-ups and flourishing businesses looking to grow their operations from a central European nation with excellent access to North Africa. Providing companies with a professional business environment in convenient locations, you could do a lot worse than this tiny rock in the midst of the Mediterranean. What’s […]

Make the Most of Your Space to Boost Productivity The ancient Chinese art dates back almost 2000 years although it only soared to popularity in the Western world in the 80s. Translated literally as “wind-water”, feng shui is actually about the sense of well-being people derive from a place. Feng shui can be either positive […]

Situated just north of Valletta, this coastal town’s notoriety as Malta’s entertainment hub is not unfounded: comprising some of the most popular touristic spots on the island such as the infamous Paceville, this Maltese locality is brimming with tourists all year round, making it an ideal base for services oriented towards tourists as well as […]