Neighbouring Malta’s capital city, Msida was previously often overshadowed by the prestige of Valletta as well as other more attractive coastal towns such as Gzira and Sliema. However, things have changed in recent years and this Maltese town now enjoys a buzz of commercial activity thanks to its convenient location as well as more affordable […]

The idea that the retail industry is taking a hit since the popularity of online shopping has been thoroughly discussed and dissected. The disadvantages and costs that come with maintaining a land-based outlet might push some smaller retailers out off business. The key to this common dilemma could be mobile outlets on wheels, that effectively […]

If it’s always been your dream to become a successful entrepreneur someday, don’t let reality or bad advice crush it.  The image of a modern-day entrepreneur calls to mind a myriad of successful famous people of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Oprah, just to name a few. Yet there are many sides […]

Malta has gained astounding popularity over the years as an ideal European destination for expats thanks to several factors. Apart from its comfortable climate, laid-back lifestyle and crystal blue waters, it’s also favoured for its relatively cheap cost of living when compared to bigger European cities such as London, Berlin or Paris. While this may […]

If you happen to be running a small business, you’re probably already aware of the challenges that come with it, from delivery hassles to dealing with customer complaints and everything in between. However, probably the most essential concern of smaller companies is ensuring that they get paid in a timely manner. This concern is usually […]

Many of us generally dread the start of the work week. You know the feeling: it starts from Sunday evening when we must dolefully come to accept that the weekend is well and truly over. Monday morning dawns and you can see many a dreary-eyed, miserable-looking employee dragging themselves to work. This feeling generally only […]