12 Storey Gzira Office Residential Block

Gzira is easily shaping up to becoming one of Malta’s busiest office space hubs, with yet another high rise building getting approval from the The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa). The 12 storey towers’ plans are made up of a triangular block offering residential apartments and commercial space mainly for office use that sits on a three […]


Office recruitment is a very crucial process in a company or business setup, especially if the staff to be hired are the founding team.  In the staff recruitment process, always keep in mind that they are the pacesetters and they will be responsible for your business failure or success.  It is important that you hire staff […]

Office Salad

Many of us have the terrible habit of working long days without taking the time for a breakfast or lunch break.  Regardless of how busy we are, it is important to not only start the day with a nutritious breakfast, but go with a healthy meal at lunch and a nutritious pick-me-up snack in the […]

Starting a Business in Malta

Do you have a great business idea but you don’t have money, or you have little money to start your own business? You aren’t alone, thanks to the fact that there are countless people out there who have brilliant business ideas but they have no money to start their own businesses. Whereas it is very […]


Plans are in place for the former Head-quarters of communications provider Go PLC to be turned into business centres.  The properties, according to the disclosed plan, will be transformed into premium office facilities which will be available for rent to third parties. Go is in possession of a healthy €50 million property portfolio and this […]

Sliema Offices Seafront

Sliema is a trendy popular town located on the northeastern coast of Malta.  ‘Tas-Sliema’ as it’s known by the locals, is a major commercial and residential area with the population being over 17,000 with a significant turnover of foreign expatriates residing there temporarily. Sliema offices are most favourable for many reasons, the main one being the convenience […]


Tips for Sponsoring Office Team Building Programs Companies who are well invested in their employees normally offer a wide diversity of programs to ensure that they are successful.  Even though most of these company’s investments may be available in the form of individual development, they may also branch out to developing their staff into well […]