Mental health awareness has been steadily increasing both in Malta as well as on a global level. The stigma previously associated with mental illnesses, while still present, is slowly starting to fall away. We spoke to Arianne Spiteri Cremona, an employment officer with local NGO, Richmond Foundation. She tells us more about what it’s like […]

The average adult spends up to 75% of their week at the office. With people expected to work longer hours, it’s no wonder so many have come to consider their office as a second home. Many office spaces tend to be bland and boring, and in fact may end up stifling productivity rather than encouraging […]

Acquiring property in an unfamiliar location can be a daunting prospect when you’re not accustomed to the local market trends.  The global commercial real estate market has experienced some major changes over the last decade, seeing prices plummeting over several foreign markets. We’re quite proud to declare that this wasn’t the case for the Maltese […]

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Welcome and congratulations on moving to one of the friendliest, sunniest and overall safest nations in the world! Once one of the British’ best-kept secrets, this Commonwealth country has been gaining popularity in recent years for its rich history, alluring climate, bountiful job market and relatively low cost of living. However, despite its numerous benefits […]

Nat Brewer is an Events Manager with NetEnt, one of the biggest gaming software providers in the industry. She opens up about what it’s like to work with such a thriving brand. You recently started working for NetEnt. Have you been in iGaming for long? How did you get into it? I was always curious […]