Malta Office Space for Rent

The market of Malta Office Space for rent is stronger than ever before.  Over the recent years millions of euros have been spent and a lot of effort has been put into strategically developing Malta into a Centre of Excellence in various sectors of the Maltese Industry.

Information and Communications Technologies, Education, Financial services, Tourism, Health, Aviation, and Maritime sectors are now in full swing, and make up a considerable part of the GDP in Malta.

Malta as an ideal Office Space Rental Location

Malta enjoys a highly trained and well educated workforce which is an invaluable asset for companies setting up their operations in part or in full on the Maltese islands.

EU Funding, budgeting for incentives and favourable taxes have all helped to attract numerous investors and operators to the various sectors that make up Malta’s economy.

In order to cater for these sectors, and meet the demands of the operations taking place, the Malta office rentals market has kept in close watch to provide the supply needed commercial spaces for these sectors.

Malta Office Space for Rent

As far as Malta Office Space for rent, It would be safe to say that there are many options available, yet there is far from a surplus of Malta offices available in Malta at any given time.  As one could expect, space is somewhat limited in the most sought after areas and more often than not, high rent costs don’t make these properties affordable for every budget. It follows that clients looking for commercial space will be limited to what is currently available during a particular period for their specific budget.

Premium Offices for Rent in Malta

Being exclusive addresses, seafront offices for rent in Valletta, Sliema and St. Julians are some of the highest priced properties in all of the islands. The same goes for retail outlets, properties licensed for catering and/ tourism in these areas.  Neighbouring towns of Floriana (besides Valletta) as well as Msida and Gzira (near Sliema), may offer better value for money for operations with that priority.

The finishes for Malta office space for rent can vary from; a shell state, semi finished, or ready to move into. At times offices maybe be rented out including furniture. The same is also true for other industries like catering for example, where an owner, or lessee maybe be letting (or sub-letting) a property inclusive of all its assets like kitchen equipment, tables and chairs, decorations and the like.

Time-frame allocation for Malta Office Rental Process

When considering the type of Malta Office Space for rent required for your organisation, it would be advisable to start the search at least two to three months in advance. This will give ample time for consideration of properties available throughout this period. Properties may be still in construction, or in finishing stages, whilst others may be waiting for terms to expire before they are placed back on the market.

If you’re currently thinking about moving offices, or setting up office in Malta, we would gladly give you the guidance needed and propose exceptional Malta office space rentals that best suit your individual needs.

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